The Good You Can!

In a series of simple cute videos less than a minute each called The Good You Can, we learn simple ways of reducing our power bills by 90% by switching to LED and how it can help light up a complete set of homes giving hope, light, and happiness to people who otherwise don’t have…

Open UP: #124

Every once in a while we come across someone who stands so tall, strong and energetic that they just lift up your spirit and make everything look possible. If angels were true, these people would be no less.  Devi is one such person I had the pleasure of knowing on a first person account. Her…

Priya, the ray of HOPE

Children give me more than what I give them. It is an unconditional love like no other. That is what keeps me going.

Open UP: #123

I am like my idol Salman Khan with family pack – A complete entertainer 🙂

Talk to Tiger: Suicide is not the solution

When she faced adversity, she didn’t back down or run away, she stepped over it and conquered with a smile and took it upon her to spread the message that Suicide is not a solution. We met Sana and she bowled us over with her story. A winner in her own right with a clear…

Open UP: #122

“I have three sons. The eldest got married and threw us away from home. The second one committed suicide. The third one went away somewhere 10 years ago after a fight. I have two daughters too and no one wants us to be home. Both my husband and I are very old and he works…

One Indian Girl – Book Review

This is the story of every woman who tried to think on her own, take decisions on her own, lead life on her owns terms, judged by her looks, complimented about her complexion, sneered at and yet is expected to now her head in agreement to the patriarchal society. Only in Radhika, she matches your stare and questions your intentions, ideals and beliefs.

Open UP: #121

“As a mother I am very proud what my son has achieved. He danced into stardom and his happiness is contagious. I want to protect him from the viles of the world and keep his focus on education too. The love people show on him is unbelievable. I believe that we have a greater responsibility…

Open UP: #120

There are angels in this world and they come in many forms!

Open UP: #119

My parents were afraid of the society when I wanted to be a journalist. My mom made sure I pursued teaching course so I would be a teacher. I was warned of the dangers associated with journalism and how a woman should not go out. I became a teacher. My husband encouraged me to join…