Open Up: #140


“The life on the street is amazing, lively and ever changing. The attack on Mumbai changed our lives and we made it a point to live happily everyday and to be for each other no matter what.

We are childhood friends who chose to pursue three different streams – medicine, architecture and fashion! We don’t get time to spend together as there is too much coursework. But we definitely can’t miss coming to this place in the weekend, feed the pigeons, snack on street-food, have coffee and gossip till we are tired and head back home. After-all friendship is the only thing that matters. And we do capture lovely images and do some shopping. You know a little shopping never killed anyone!”

#TalktoTiger #MumbaiIndians #HumansofBombay #Friendship #Bethere #LiveKindly #Shoppingtales

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  1. Heartening to see how a crisis can bring people together and bonds stronger!


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