Open UP: #141

“This fellow is my friend as we are sitting here from the last 25 years. He eats all my peanuts and chana for free and never even gave me one precious stone! He gives free gyan to people about life, love, money, friendship and what not. When he goes to Namaaz, I take care of his stall and when I go on a break, he sells my ware.

We don’t have this feeling of being from different background or religions. We are like brothers. He gave my daughter ten thousand rupees for her wedding and was there handling guests for three days. I was the most important VIP at his son’s wedding. We have learnt to live without bias in all the chaos around us just like we can live and listen to Rafi saab or Mukeshji croon amidst all this traffic and honking. This bit right here is our stadium and we are the performers of peace and brotherliness.”

#TalkToTiger #OpenUP #MumbaiIndians #StreetWisdom #StreetPhotography #BePeaceful #Bekind

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