Open UP: #141

“This fellow is my friend as we are sitting here from the last 25 years. He eats all my peanuts and chana for free and never even gave me one precious stone! He gives free gyan to people about life, love, money, friendship and what not. When he goes to Namaaz, I take care of…

Open UP: # 20

“Tell me something you are proud of.” “Did you see the fan here? I got it fixed so I need not fan it all the time.  It works brilliantly and reduces my effort and saves time.” “I am an inventor. Want a kebab?” #OpenUP

Open UP: # 19

“You are late! The festival season is almost over and in a few hours you wouldn’t have taken my picture!”“Sorry. I am here now.” “Good. I will pose. Click a good picture. Make sure I look good.” #OpenUP Subscribe to us for more stories. Follow us on facebook: Hit like!