Open UP: #143

“I never loved cooking as a kid yet on one visit to my granny’s home, I saw her set up a kerosene fuel stove on the floor and make snacks for us. I helped all through the cook and I experienced an amazing feeling of serving something in your mind to a plate. I still remember some recipes from my great grandmother. Being a gourmet expert isn’t simple.One needs to have immense patience, learning ability and some natural knack for understanding what needs to be done.

For me cooking resembles being in a zone – of discovering order in disarray, making conversation between ingredients, discovering harmony. I hope you like what I cooked for you, as that is a simple yet extraordinary recipe from my grandma.”

#TalkToTiger #OpenUP #ChefTales #StreetWisdom #FoodPhotography #BePeaceful #Bekind

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