Open UP: # 139


“I am selling semi-precious stones in the same place from the last 30 years. I also have a collection of rare coins if you would care to buy.

I have seen the clashes between religions and classes for far too long. I believe, religion doesn’t change anything in a person, unless your soul is clean. Whatever your religion is, you know what is right or wrong in your soul, deep inside. You can’t hear it if you don’t want to. But the voice is there. Just do good in whatever way you can and move on. At the end of it all, we need a very small place to be buried in. So why be bragging about it?

Peace, love and kindness – these are the 3 secrets my parents taught me and I teach them to my grandchildren.

Now will you buy something from me?”

#TalkToTiger #OpenUP #MumbaiIndians #StreetWisdom #StreetPhotography #BePeaceful #Bekind

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  1. Rahul says:

    The article was interesting


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