Open up 142: Women belong in the kitchen!

Women belong in the kitchen. Women should do all the household chores. Women should do all the washing, cleaning, cooking and be the homemakers. Well, this is what we do in some of the homes around the world even today. Once a coworker told me that her in-laws actually lazy around all day without doing anything even when she goes home tired and as to do all the work by herself. She was actually cursing them that they don’t even make tea ready for her to recharge when she goes home. Are you like that? I hope not. Well, times have changed. Most of my friends and luckily peers have taken not to follow this stupid rule and decided to share the load.

While I agree that this was the norm for quite sometime, things are changing. Especially when you see dads my age take up parenting more seriously, being a husband more authentically, you sure are happy. We are the new gen men who are thankfully brought up without the prejudice of being the ‘man’ but being a real man. Lucky to have parents who have shared the load all the time. We are there in all the things as equal partners – in shine and rain. Our tribe may be small now but I really hope, it grows. As a parent of two beautiful girls, I sure and setting an example of a responsible husband. So when I cook at home (mostly I burn things down or over spice-it-up), clean the house, #ShareTheLaundry, play with kids, it is nothing special. It is just being a dad, being a husband and most of all being a responsible member of the family. Why should girls have all the fun?

Do you know you bond better when you are doing things together? Did you know that you can turn a boring chore into a pleasant task if you do it together? That is because when you #ShareChoresMultiplyLove, you are in a better place. You can also lose weight, be happy, get your mind in the right place, help out your partner while getting things done. I am sure you are taking up small tasks but you must do the dirty ones too. Just the other day, I was cleaning our window panes and it struck me how many things are pending which I can finish off. Time to make a list and help out.

If you are the man in your house, make it a point to do some chores when your children are watching you, in-laws are watching you. Talk about this in your office near your water-cooler, when you meet friends, post pictures of you doing things in your home, encourage newly weds to share tasks, teach your boys to #ShareTheLoad and get more people to join this tribe. Be the role model your daughters will beget, be the father your son would want to grow up to be. Be a role model.

 ‘I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel India and BlogAdda‘ 

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