Open UP: #132


I grew up in a very studious, modern, competitive family and was always ahead of my peers both in studies and sports. I had the best campus placement among all my friends and was blazing through my career. I thought I am settled now. Then it happened.

One of my team managers started getting close to me. First it was subtle like unintentional touching, vulgar jokes and then more clear. I was uncomfortable and did everything to fight it but his harassment only increased. It was an open secret in office about his behavior and no one did anything to stop him. I was worried about my job, family, character and what not. Many people had quit jobs or suffered in silence because of him. I resisted but fell into the later category. I lost my confidence, my voice and started failing in my work. My health started suffering too. I confided to my husband who encouraged me to complain and a colleague in office helped me fight. I met him in his office and told him that I will complain but he just scorned at me. I filed a complaint with the HR and followed though. My only friend in office supported me. Many people came forward after that and he was fired. That day, I just went to the washroom and cried but this time they were tears of relief.

After that, my work improved, my health came back, my smile came back. I could find my voice in all the conundrum because of that one friend and my husband to fight. That is what I tell everyone I meet now. Don’t be silent. Fight with everything you have. Because, if you don’t, who will?

#TalktoTiger #PositivePsychologist #OpenUP #mentalhealth #Saynotosexualharassment

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