Open UP: #132

I grew up in a very studious, modern, competitive family and was always ahead of my peers both in studies and sports. I had the best campus placement among all my friends and was blazing through my career. I thought I am settled now. Then it happened. One of my team managers started getting close…

Open UP: # 21

“I am working here for the last 9 years and no one asked anything about me or took my photo!” “What do you do here?” “I am the chef. I make everything that is here on menu and serve fresh.” #OpenUP Subscribe to us for more stories. Follow us on facebook: Hit like!

Open UP: # 18

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” “I am The Ugly Indian. I clean my neighbourhood and my country.” “Can you take your mask off for the picture?” “Click me like this. I have no face. I am anonymous. I am you!” #OpenUP Subscribe to us for more stories. Follow us on facebook: Hit…

Open UP: # 17

“The guy my dad works for got this for me. I can build roads now. Do you want to see?” He demonstrates how it works to shift sand. “What do you want to be when you grow up? “I want to play cricket!” #OpenUP

Open UP: # 16

“I wanted to be an automobile engineer. I can rip apart and put together any Tata engine but no one gives a job without qualifications.”“What are you doing to get a job?” “I work part time at a friend’s shop.” #OpenUP

Open UP: # 15

“Can I click your picture?” “Okay. I am just playing. My amma is babysitting in one of the houses here.” “Where do you stay?” “Did you see the blue houses (A temporary slum) there in the next street? There.” “What aren’t you at school?” “Don’t know!” #OpenUP

Open Up: # 14

“Nice Jacket! What is the occasion?” “Today is my birthday. I wish I had some chocolates left to give you!” #OpenUP

Open UP: # 13

“How did you break your hand?”  “I was playing on a tree and I fell down.” “What did your parents say?” “Nothing. They said, I shouldn’t climb trees.” “So did you stop?” “No. I taught my brother too :)” #OpenUP

Open UP: # 12

I stopped him for a picture as he jogged feeding biscuits to street dogs.“Since when are you doing this?”“Few years.”“Why?”“Every creature on this planet is beautiful. We should share what we have so they would live too. These are my friends and I meet them everyday.” #OpenUP

Open UP: # 11

“I am five and she is two. I have to be here to take care of my sister till my mom comes. She cleans and cooks in one of the houses here. I don’t know where. I play with her so she won’t ask about mom.” #OpenUP

Open UP: #10

“I am collecting money for an old age home. I have to collect at least Rs. 1000 ($20) a day to get my salary.” “How many people do you speak to in a day?” “About 100. Very few people stop their vehicles. But there are good people and I almost always reach my target.” #OpenUP

Open UP: # 09

“How many coffees you make in a day?” “I prepare around 700 coffees easily in my shift. I am working here since 18 months. So I would have easily served over 250,000 coffees!” “Isn’t that a record?” “Don’t know. I am just doing my job!” #OpenUP