Open UP: #133


I grew up in a rough neighborhood and was misled in my childhood. I lost my path and got entangled into all the vices like drinking, gambling, drugs and what not. I joined a gang and was very good at beating up people and escaping when needed. My life was in doldrums and then one day I was caught. I was placed in rehab and was in jail.

Everyone had given up on me including my family, friends and even my gang. But one of the counselors who came in to help us get back in life did not give up on me. I was too stubborn, abusive and irritating just to get away from her but she didn’t give up. She was a student then and over the next 3 years she worked with me in transforming me to a better person and I changed. I quit my vices, finished my schooling and worked towards making people like me change. When I walked out of jail, I founded an organization that helps people stuck in gangs, drugs find a way to quit and move forward. I wanted to make a change and give these kids a change at life.

I also fell in love with the lady who helped me change. Her being a top fashion model also helped. Today we have helped change over 15,000 children fight drugs, choose education. My life is an example that anything can change and you can achieve your dreams if you don’t give up. You just need someone to believe in you and not give up. I am being that today to many children. Can you make a change in someone’s life? Be an angel!
#SecondChances #Dontgiveup #TalktoTiger #HustleAway #OpenUP

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