Open UP: # 137


“I was studying to be an accountant when my father lost his job and I had to drop out of school. I did odd jobs and worked as a tailor, receptionist and what not! After I got married, my husband and I decided to provide the best education for our children. So when our son was born, we went out of our way to save money. Now he is in a boarding school and we both drive autos to fund our lives.

I drive close to 14 hours everyday and have both Ola and Uber connections. 60% of our incomes go into his education and well being while we live in a small room 20 kms away from the city. People here in Bangalore are very pleasant, courteous and respect me for what I do! I even get good tips and encouraging comments for my service. I have over 1500 5* reviews on Ola. My husband and I never take a break and only visit our son once in 2 months.

When we go meet him, we go in our auto and he is so proud of us and introduces us to all his friends. I am proud of what I am able to do and earn a living with dignity. God has been kind. Be brave as you have no other option!”

#OpenUP #TalkToTiger #LiveProud #FemaleAutoDriver #Bengaluru #Entreprenuer #Inspiration #positivepsychology

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