Open UP: #131

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I was in PU when my parents got this proposal from a business man. We got married as soon as I hit 18. As in every arranged marriage we took time to adjust. He was very caring and supported my studies. I soon got a job. His business was stabilizing. All our relatives, friends were constantly questioning about the baby. After trying for over 5 years we realised we both can’t have kids. It was too much to handle but my husband supported me.

One day as I was rushing for an appointment, I heard a muffled baby cry. It was coming from the footpath and after searching, I found a 6-day old girl baby wrapped in a a bundle of clothes. She was abandoned and there were ants all over biting her. I took her in my arms, tried to find its parents but there was no one. I called my husband and rushed her to the nearest hospital. After first-aid cleaning all her wounds, a dose of infant formula, she settled and was sleeping calmly. We were told to file a report in the nearest police station and the hospital handed over the baby to the police. At every level, we had to bribe the police and officials to keep the baby safe. After waiting for the mandatory time, searching, investigating and when no one tuned up to claim her, she was sent to an orphanage.  Once she was in the orphanage, my husband and I decided to move for adoption. All our family was against it. We didn’t care. That is how came into our lives. She is going to nursery now and has been the reason for joy and smiles all along. She is feisty, naughty and we love her to the moon and back. She doesn’t know she is adopted and we want to keep it that way.

Recently, we adopted our second child – a one year old boy. Sanghvi takes good care of him and doesn’t leave his side. Every day when I sleep, I thank God for giving me these two little angels and my husband. This is our #Freedom.

#TalkToTiger #OpenUP #Parenting #Motherhood


Names changed to protect privacy.


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