Open UP: #127

“I am from a small village near here and I have four siblings. Being the eldest in my family, I have to take care of them. I send most of my savings home. I am saving some money from overtime duty for my wife. I will buy something nice for her. It was an arranged…

Open UP: #124

Every once in a while we come across someone who stands so tall, strong and energetic that they just lift up your spirit and make everything look possible. If angels were true, these people would be no less. ¬†Devi is one such person I had the pleasure of knowing on a first person account. Her…

One Indian Girl – Book Review

This is the story of every woman who tried to think on her own, take decisions on her own, lead life on her owns terms, judged by her looks, complimented about her complexion, sneered at and yet is expected to now her head in agreement to the patriarchal society. Only in Radhika, she matches your stare and questions your intentions, ideals and beliefs.

Open UP: #120

There are angels in this world and they come in many forms!

Open UP: #119

My parents were afraid of the society when I wanted to be a journalist. My mom made sure I pursued teaching course so I would be a teacher. I was warned of the dangers associated with journalism and how a woman should not go out. I became a teacher. My husband encouraged me to join…

Book Review: 6 degrees

There are three stories with the same characters, you are enchanted with the characters emerging in different roles and entertain you. It is triple the fun.

Open UP: #117

I worked in banking and insurance for 40 years and saved up to buy this home and started this business for passing time. I met a girl and asked her to go on a ride with me. She said yes and I said for a life time. We have been on an impressive ride since…

Rashmi Praveen: Entrepreneurship, training & beyond

She was fifteen minutes ahead of our scheduled meeting and was ready to have a go at the questions. We skipped the regular questions for this¬†interview, chatted for almost three hours and walked out being friends. I could see her love for training, development and how she is focused on bringing a change in the…

In A Bubble of Time – Book Review

The book is massive in size, double the size of a regular book you find in a book store. Its cover intriguing the title said – In a Bubble of Time and boy what a bubble it was. Yes bubble is an apt tag if you consider the period it covers in the vast expanse…

Benedict Jebakumar – The Magnet Man

I don’t sell but I get a lot more in return for whatever little action I have been taking. The main benefit I enjoy out of this action is the JOY of Service. – Benny

Anita Nair and Tiger discuss Alphabet Soup for Lovers

“No book can be a happy ending per say. It is not so in real life. There can be a happy ending for the book but the characters cannot be happy ever after. Life is more real and practical. I like my stories to be the same as life.”