My Chameleon Soul – Book Review


I love reading complex stuff and this was one of the most interesting reads in the last few days when I could go back to the early days of being a literature student. Sumit G Sehgal presents you a pickled combination and poetry, prose and songs while subtly sneaking the story through. While it seems easy enough, the story is quite intensive, impressive and digs into your soul searching for that hidden chameleon self.

While Samay and Samaira are endearing and have their own battles to fight, demons to slay and people to forgive, their mother Kiran makes you understand the dilemma every single mother out there goes through. What makes the story worth reading is the way Sumit handles the characters easily as if you have known them for far too long. Wait let me put it to you this way. The characters are so close to someone right now and you have wondered what would this person be carrying in their mind and what things they would be doing when there would be no one around.

The story gets really readable when the tone suddenly changes and the chameleon soul starts talking to character directly and to you. What a way to express yourself when there is no hindrance to what you know, no secrets whatsoever and absolutely no secrets. Suppressed emotions who suddenly find a vent out and have an avid listener who understands you. You must have had these conversations with yourself in your head all the time and it would make a lot of sense.By adding these very familiar songs as they are inspired and summarizing what would be the best way of communicating! With 31 songs spread across the book at right stages and amazingly clicks everything in to place.

All of us go through many things in life, many tough situations every day and it is essential that you be honest at least with yourself in understanding the reality of life and facing them. Sumit makes this brutal realization in a wonderful way to help us understand the complexities of characters and soothes them with musical notes. The winning spirit of Kiran would keep your heart warm for quite sometime after you closed the book. A tough message to connect to your inner soul and manage to come out victorious. That is modern writing for you!

Pick it up here today.


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