One Indian Girl – Book Review

This is the story of every woman who tried to think on her own, take decisions on her own, lead life on her owns terms, judged by her looks, complimented about her complexion, sneered at and yet is expected to now her head in agreement to the patriarchal society. Only in Radhika, she matches your stare and questions your intentions, ideals and beliefs.

Book Review: 6 degrees

There are three stories with the same characters, you are enchanted with the characters emerging in different roles and entertain you. It is triple the fun.

Book Review: Chain of Custody – Anita Nair

Anita Nair arrives riding pillion on Gowda’s bullet in style to claim her mantle in crime fiction. In all this conundrum of things, she manages to make him appreciate pasta, go for a jog, cut down of cigarettes, drink less, be nice and live up to match Mr. Right.

In A Bubble of Time – Book Review

The book is massive in size, double the size of a regular book you find in a book store. Its cover intriguing the title said – In a Bubble of Time and boy what a bubble it was. Yes bubble is an apt tag if you consider the period it covers in the vast expanse…

Is Your Child Ready to Face the World? – Book Review

Guess what we all parents need… A timeless advice! Talk about setting expectations right and we miss the target by miles sometimes. Here is a book that sets things in the right perspective. In this life with our sky high expectations that we have for our kids, pressure from colleagues, parents, grand parents, friends of…