Is Your Child Ready to Face the World? – Book Review

Guess what we all parents need… A timeless advice! Talk about setting expectations right and we miss the target by miles sometimes. Here is a book that sets things in the right perspective.

In this life with our sky high expectations that we have for our kids, pressure from colleagues, parents, grand parents, friends of parents, their own ambitions, peers teachers and the list goes on. A kid goes through a lot of these with the brain and maturity of a zen master. Not at all. It hurts.

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When you get upset with your own goal sheet every time your boss calls you up for the same, it is really strange that we don’t give second thoughts when we set out expectations for the kids. So should we skip setting up expectations, teaching them to be competitive and how to live? Should we set any expectations and goals at all? How do we talk to children then and imbibe values, value systems, what to do and what not? Are we behind schedule and did kids pick up things from friends who have the same confused state with half knowledge. So what is the best way to do that? How do we prepare our kids to face the confusing, unforgiving world where every day is a race? Well you get the expert advice from the master who has been there, done that and has studied the art of positive communication with your child – Dr. Anupam Sibal.

With his vast experience of talking to thousands of children and parents and being a parent himself faced with dilemmas that dog our parenting world and the immense pressure to perform, Dr. Sibal brings to the fore in this book steps for effective communication that can actually be useful for the children. Success in life is not a one-in-a-lifetime thing but an ongoing process that takes years of patience and perseverance and fighting your own demons while trying to run faster than others. Life is not just a race, it is a journey and this book brings numerous examples from Sachin to Gambhir to filmstars to normal people who can change your day to a brighter one with hope and leave you smiling.

If you are a parent or planning to be one or have questions about what is right and wrong and want to know if you are ‘doing it right’ with your kids, check out this book. You will not be disappointed and will be recommending to other parents.

Verdict: Must read

Buy the book here from flipkart.

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