Peeyush Gupta of Tata Tiscon shares secrets of branding with Tiger

I am in a fix. How should I introduce my next guest on Talk to Tiger? Should I mention his vast experience of handling the branding and marketing of one of the elading brands in the world or should I talk about his strong family values he carries to work and vice versa or his nonchalant attitude to my questions or the sincerity in his answers. Well let me try. Mr. Peeyush Gupta is the Vice President, Steel (Marketing & Sales) at Tata Steel and has been the brain behind the branding and marketing of the Tata Tiscon brand. He has been with Tata Steel for over 22 years and was in various profiles including President & CEO of Tata Steel (Thailand) plc and Commercial Chief of Tata Steel – Flat products, Indian operations.

Going up to the 15th floor of the famed Tata Centre to the Vice President Steel – Marketing & Sales’s office, we had to go through  special approvals and here we were in the sanctum of the Branding and Marketing engines of Tata. Here is what ensued when Peeyush chatted up with Tiger and discussed everything from being a college student to handling some of the toughest competitive brands of the world!

Special thanks to Harish and Nirav from Blogadda for making this happen! Read the blogpost about the Tata Tiscon branding initiative with Tiger here.

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