Book Review: 6 degrees

6 Degrees is India’s first book published through collaborative blogging, written completely by bloggers for the Game of Blogs activity at BlogAdda. This review is a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!

The Game of Blogs

How do I describe the stories in the book? Yes stories as there are three of them and these are tailor made to suit the competition Blogadda was running which makes it even more interesting as the twists and tuns are very exciting to read. In a normal book, you end up picturing a character and it stays with you or the character accompanies you till the end of the story. Now that there are three stories with the same characters, you are enchanted with the characters emerging in different roles and entertain you. It is triple the fun.

The stories are fresh, enchanting and delightful to read. Especially the characters tend to surprise you and scare you too! Here are the character sketches given to the authors.

  • Shekhar Dutta is a stay at home Dad and a freelancer writer.
  • Tara Dutta is the breadwinner of the family, the dashing, ambitious and busy media personnel whose priority is her job and family and she is doing well in job.
  • Roohi Dutta is a nine year old daughter of the Dutta’s and quite smart and amicable unlike her age.
  • Cyrus is a law student who joins Dutta family in Mumbai and his character is on rapid change in each story.
  • Jennifer is a photographer and she continues with her character in all three stories.
  • Dr. Aryan Ahuja is a neighbour of Dutta and his personality is on change in each of the stories.

Awakening is the first of three stories is Awakening and deals with the supernatural, inquisitive and in other words out of this world. Add dollops of science, a good social message and a unique urgency in the path to destruction. I felt bad for Sekhar in this version as I felt many of us would be like him though not entirely. I am quite surprised at the way the characters played out and it was an interesting read though it could have been shortened slightly.

Entangled lives is the second story and is easily one of the best reads as it stars, quite literally, the one and only Java. Java is the heart and soul of the story while the others like Sekhar, Roohi, Tara, Cyrus and Jenny are entangled and Java makes sure you have the smile through out on your face – even when investigating a murder. Do we really know people as they are or could they be someone else is the question that you get while reading this fast paced tale. Interestingly enough, this is the centre of all the things we know or assume we know. How a death changes the family values, questions the relationships and life is the centre point of this story.

The missing revolves around the missing child and the problems a sexual orientation of a person would cause. It is a tough world out there and most of us make sure we make it is only difficult for people around us. The complex relationship between Roohi and Cyrus and will they get her back is explored here. Life everyday is a struggle for people who have come out of the closet and how difficult it is to be normal in today’s so called well informed and open world is seen in this story.

Though there were multiple authors the broth is well cooked, palatable and closes with tinge of cinnamon, chilli and spices and tadka. The cherry on the top of the dessert is definitely the character of Java and whoever came up with that needs to come out and write more! I commend the Blogadda team for this initiative and ardently look forward to the second edition and encourage all of us to write. The authors, each one of them, needs special commendation too as it is not an easy task to put pen to paper especially when you have the script comes at you in waves and you are too overwhelmed. Though this review was supposed to come a month before and it is too late now, I am sure it is worth it.

If you like scientific fiction, a little investigation and enjoy a good read, pick up the book now and it is not too late now for that. Click here right now and get your own copy.

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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