Open UP: #120

Talk to tiger

“I was born in to a economically lower class African family who couldn’t afford my education. I would have stopped studying as I didn’t have any option but to go work for someone to survive. Then a lady came to my rescue and said she would sponsor my education. She continued to do that right from my school till I completed my post graduation. I went to see my benefactor after I completed my education to thank her. I was expecting her to be a rich lady leading a comfortable life but found her still working in a small job with barely means to survive.

I have tears in my eyes when I remember her every time. When I thanked her for supporting me she was surprised to see me and told me not to worry and live my live. She didn’t expect anything from me! I came to know that I am not the only one she was supporting and she gave from her meager means to help kids like us to have a better life. She inspired me to help others and motivates me everyday. I can only be thankful for such angels in this world.”

#OpenUP #TalktoTiger #SponsoringHappiness

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