Open UP: #119

talk to tiger mary chin.JPG

My parents were afraid of the society when I wanted to be a journalist. My mom made sure I pursued teaching course so I would be a teacher. I was warned of the dangers associated with journalism and how a woman should not go out. I became a teacher. My husband encouraged me to join a journalism course and my father stood against the society so I could go to classes after my school. I was the first lady journalist to work for the newspaper in the country and my husband used to accompany me on most of the tours and reporting assignments. His employer was amused but used to help him with leaves.

This went on for almost three decades and slowly women starting taking up non-conventional roles. I was the first female journalist to interview the president, the prime minister, ambassadors, write books, reports and travel abroad on delegations. Things have changed now and people are more open but I give all the credit to my father who used to tell me I would be a good reporter and my husband who gave me a second life and felt proud when my name appeared in newspapers. I am a living proof that if you pursue your dreams long enough, you can be successful. My only regret is that my father wasn’t alive to see my succeed.

#OpenUP #TalktoTiger

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