Rashmi Praveen: Entrepreneurship, training & beyond

She was fifteen minutes ahead of our scheduled meeting and was ready to have a go at the questions. We skipped the regular questions for this interview, chatted for almost three hours and walked out being friends. I could see her love for training, development and how she is focused on bringing a change in the people she meets. She had won the Women entrepreneur of the year and that we believe is just the beginning. For Rashmi, like many of the new age entrepreneurs, her work is not just about running a business successfully but about making a positive impact on the social fabric of our city, nation and the world. Rashmi believes her life’s calling is in molding people to be better and in helping them achieve their fullest potential and that is what drives her. Here is what happened when Rashmi Praveen met Tiger.

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Hello Rashmi! Introduce yourself to our audience.
Rashmi is known as a tall beautiful woman, who is known for his generosity.

Where were you born? Tell me about your childhood.
I am proud to say I am from Bangalore, a pure Kannadiga at heart, South Bangalorean for sure. My childhood was spent learning life lessons and securing academic merits from Kumarans School. During weekends I used to shuttle between my parents’ home at Jayanagar and Granny’s house at Malleshwaram. Always my granny’s favourite, I would get to savour the yummiest chocolates of the times in my Mama’s shop. The bustling crowd at 8th Cross and passers-by at my Mama’s shop were always a great curiosity to me.

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My dad, a Businessman, an engineer who spent 10 years at HAL as a safety engineer, Captain of the Indian Basket Ball team of his days, was the most accomplished person those days at Jayanagar. And mom, gave wings to our dreams by encouraging us in whatever we wanted to do. Did I say we? Well I have two siblings, a sister who is an engineer by profession and a brother, who is a doctor in the making.

What was the fondest memory from my childhood? I guess I can never forget the phone call we got from the hospital when my brother Sumukh was born. For a long time, his birth seemed to be the happiest moment in my life, making me a sister to a brother and bringing out the mother in me.

Barely, into my 8th Grade, I learnt a lot about child upbringing, housekeeping and cooking. I can’t believe myself today, that I first prepared Biryani when I was barely 13 years old and enjoy entertaining guests with lots of delicacies even to this day.

What and where did you study?

I have completed my Masters in Information Technology & Management (MITM equivalent of an MBA) from ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad and my BBM degree from B.M.S. College for Women, Bangalore

What were your dreams like when you were a kid?

Oh, that’s kind of childish, but let me be honest here. I was barely in 8th grade when for the first time the idea of doing business came to me. I dreamt of one day owning the corner shop in the shopping complex at Jayanagar 4th block and giving it on rent, where I could go and negotiate good prices for all things I buy.

In 8th grade itself, I prepared Puliogere for a fest at my school and earned around Rs.800/- from there.

Tell me about your present idea?

I completed Landmark education a premier life skills program in the year 2005. The program made a profound difference to my life, both professional as well as personal. The methodologies I learnt there, helped me handle real-life situations in a far more accomplished manner than ever before..

Years later, in 2010, when my daughter was born, I felt a deep need of giving such education to children as well. I felt how wonderful it would be if children had access to different methodologies and techniques to handle real life situations. Having faced difficulties during my childhood, I deeply felt the urge inside me to do something for children.

Children, by being exposed to life skills education can get groomed in several aspects of life to become conscientious individuals as they grow up. This realization and the urge to take up this cause for the benefit of children made me venture into Life Skills education myself.

Tell me about your firm?SHRI LOGO.png

Our company’s name is Simply Hire Resources (I) Pvt. Ltd. We gave this name to the company since it was started as Recruitment firm in the year 2008.

Clients can reach us through email: rashmi@shrindia.com

What is your unique selling proposition (USP) at Simply Hire?

Our USP, is the innovation we bring in to all our training programs. It is training and beyond. We not only conduct training programs but also have an evaluation process for school children.

For our college and corporate programs it is a continuous assessment program with us associating with clients even after the program and reviewing the progress of employees up to a quarter after the program is completed.

Tell me your best experience after you started Simply Hire.

One of our clients, for whom we conducted the school program, was highly generous in praise after completing last year’s ARISE program. She mentioned that her students are now highly expressive, far more disciplined and few of the high school students had improved in their grades by leaps and bounds due to the implementation of our program at their school.

Who are your first clients?

Few of our clients are Sree Rama Vidyalaya, St.Euphrasias school, St. Agne’s school, Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering, Lawrence School, G7Cr technologies, Winstrata, etc.,

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What are your plans for the future? Say next five years?

We plan to introduce our products across India through franchises and overseas as well. Also, we would like to innovate and explore viable collaborations that will help us expand our business further.

Tell me about your family and pets. I know you love Fiona.

I am married to the man of my dreams, Praveen, who works with a software firm at Bangalore.  He is my pillar of strength and encourages me to push my limits. We are blessed with a bubbly six year old daughter – Diya. Soon after marriage, I got Fiona, an Irish setter as a gift from my parents. She helped me learn how to talk to pets, feed them, nurture, care for them, understand their language. Dia and Fiona keep us engaged and loved all the time.

A quote/book that influenced you

Transform yourself into a force that builds this nation as one of the super powers of the world.
A secret: Weed the wrong people out, to give way for the right ones.

Reach out to Rashmi on her mail id: rashmi@shrindia.com

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  1. It is great to be a part of your company Rashmi…Wishing you great success in everything you do.


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