Talking to Nikhila Nandgopal

When you get a chance to peek into the life of a successful model you might have the wildest expectations of stress, huge rush, long shelves of brands, perfumes, dresses, make up kits and chaos and them struggling to find out some solace in the numerous lights focused on them and still smile. But I was in for a pleasant surprise when I met Nikhila Nandgopal.

Niki is one of the youngest and most promising models and was in the top 5 Femina Miss India 2014. Her other achievements include Miss Beautiful Hair Femina Miss India 2014, Miss Active 
Femina Miss India 2014 and she has a huge fan following on social media. 

Nikhila is one of the most beautiful people I have met. She is all of 18 years yet so simple, natural, realistic, strong and to be summarized – simply beautiful.  Here is what transpired when Niki and Ninja (her Irish setter) talked to Tiger.
Hello Niki! Let us start with where you were born?
Hello! I am doing great. I was born in Bengaluru on 27th Jan, 1996.  When I was born my great grandmother told my mom that I had a very sweet face but I would sell her for sugarcane! It is a Kannada expression to show that she is looking so cute but she looks cunning and naughty 🙂

Tell me about your childhood?
I was a good kid. I was good at studies. I was in four different schools including the US. I slowly turned to a nerd and my best times were with Bangalore International School. It was in BIS that I was encouraged to follow my dreams. I love all my teachers and learnt something from each of them. They made me realize how important to love what you do and do what you love.
What about your dreams of Bollywood?
She breaks out into a dreamy smile and curling her hair while looking up and then says… Bollywood is about glamour, all that associated with that. Not a lot of people get an opportunity to get into films. I would be glad to be in Bollywood and I am sure I would do pretty well. Won’t I?
Were you thin and pretty all the while or were chubby?
I was fat, chubby and normal. Now my weight is 50 and my weight size reduced from 34 to 24 and all this happened very naturally. I started eating a lot healthier. I loved being in aerobics and basket ball and that helped too.
How do you maintain your fitness now?
I just eat normal healthy food though I sneak out sometimes and binge on snacks. I make it a point to maintain balance and drink enough water. I love running and swimming. Sometimes I run for about 4-5 kms at a stretch. I love to run and when you feel the muscle on your body it is really cool. I push several of my friends to run and stay fit too.
 – I wish I could do that too!

What is your deepest fear?

She goes into her smile-think-smile routine and then says…
I cannot say I am not scared of anything but I am a brave girl and I think my deepest fear would be to be indecisive. I pretty much can handle most of the stuff and prefer to be that way.
Tell me about how you prepare to walk on the ramp. What goes on in your mind?
Nothing! I just listen to the music and it comes naturally. I would just be walking to the music. I love music and hum to it.
Do you fear about tripping?
No. It is normal. You can’t really be scared of tripping. If you trip that wouldn’t be your fear. You just pick yourself up and smile and walk! Isn’t that what you should be doing in life too? Asks the quiz master with a smile. For a while she sounds philosophical and I almost forget she is just 18!
Who is Nikhila? As a person?
I am just a normal girl. I love being normal. I have lists of things to do on my phone and plan my day ahead. I still have several things to do which are pending from yesterday. I do charcoal sketching and read a lot of books, listen to music. I love partying but I would enjoy as much when I am just sitting with friends. 
I love Jonas brothers. She blushes and thinks to herself. I love Jonas brothers. They are so cute! A poster of the four brothers stands being worshiped in her bedroom.
What are your hobbies?
I love reading, especially spy thrillers, religious books, conspiracies and so on. Dan Brown is my favorite author till date. I have read all his books. I play a lot of video games. She brings out The Sims 3 casing and explains why it is the best one she has yet. I love playing with my dogs. We play a lot and it is relaxing. I love going out. I keep going to Social for breakfast and love the fish at Cafe Noir at UB City. I love shopping there too.
Any favorite brands? What do you like?
I use Neutrogena, Sebamed, Clarence skin cream is good too. I don’t have a favorite in brands as I look at quality, fit, design and what I am comfortable in. I love Abercrombie and few other brands. Then she goes thinking. Ooo! I love Mademoiselle by Chanel. I use it all the time.
Tell me about your family. Pets…
I really look up to my mother and love her a lot. My mother was a model too. My dad is my doll and he loves me a lot. My elder sister is my best buddy and guide. I learnt a lot of things from my mother on how to be professional, disciplined and organized and my dad is just so cool 🙂 I love going to my grand mom’s place. I am so pampered there and I feel so special. She cooks the best food in the world!
My two dogs are the most demanding in our family and Ninja is my favorite. I once had a cat too.
How do you get ready to go out?
You would be surprised but I don’t! My mother pursues me to wear sun block and moisturizer and I started doing it from a couple of weeks. So I just apply sun block and moisturizer and go. It really helps. I was actually surprised to see the effect. I went swimming few days ago and the moisturizer actually helped.
I love wearing lipstick but don’t get to wear it all the time. I love playing with my eye shades. I like green and brown shades. They look natural and earthly.
Your hair is beautiful. You have a hair stylist?
I get my hair cut at Bounce once in a while. I also visit a local parlor down the street where I keep going to from my childhood. They know my hair, they know who I am and take good care of me. I like getting my hair done there too. Whenever I go there they make me feel like a star and I come out like a star! I like them 🙂

What are your dreams like?
I am more of a person who would be in business. I might turn out to be in model management or promoting fashion designers. I would like to stay more in the business side of fashion than in fashion itself. For instance I would love to be the CEO of Louis Vuitton, Burberry that way I can get access to all the best stuff and be doing what I love – business and fashion. I like charting business plans, strategies and stuff 🙂
As we stepped out of her home, Nikhila walked us out till the gate where we stood chatting for some more time and she smiled and waved good bye. Nikhila represents the young, talented and promising generation of kids who are taking up new challenges everyday and are being cool about it, just like a girl next door with wonderful ambitions and the right attitude to achieve them. Nikhila is one of the most famous models in India now and will be one of the most sought out. Here is to wishing her the best! Nikkie. Never change!

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  1. doreswamy says:

    Very well written! Or shoud I say good questions and great replies! You have brought the essence of her personality and great pictures as well. Well done!


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