Tiger and Varun Bahl discuss fashion

His creations are a distinctive repertoire of designs, mixing vintage and antique look with the new and contemporary lines resulting in a very chic and fresh look. The focus of Bahl’s collection is primarily on surface ornamentation, simple and clean silhouettes and a fusion of techniques which means that one may find block printing, appliqué and embroidery on an outfit that is crafted from fabrics with different textures. 

Varun Bahl, a National Institute of Fashion Technology (New Delhi) graduate, launched his label in 2001. With enormous reserves of talent and quality work behind him, Varun has a distinction of working with international fashion maestros through his family export business. Varun has embellished the works of Armani, a part of Kenzo Jungle, Jeans and Kenzo Paris, and Lacroix’s Bazaar and Jeans. 

A must on the fashion tours across India, Varun was in Bangalore as a part of Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour and we met to discuss fashion ideas and what inspires him.  

Hello Varun. Congratulations! How are you? 
Thank you Tiger. I am tired and relieved! It was a straining job to get all the things in place and now I am relaxed. It went very well. Did you like my collection?

It was awesome! I loved the blends and the dresses. They are so pretty. 
Yes, they are. I had spent a lot of time designing these outfits and the result is amazing. So am really happy.

What is special about this collection?
It is a a proud moment for me to be a part of Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour. It is a platform where style is beyond the ordinary. I am celebrating my decade in fashion

What is style according to you?
For me style is elegance. The woman who wears my clothes is a global soul. She is sensual yet elegant, understated yet chic. She is a globetrotter with confidence to work in diverse culture. So I try to design the wardrobe that respects her; her global nature and style. The style, therefore, is ambitious, strong, global and slightly pushes her boundaries.

How do you get inspired?
I can’t pinpoint frankly. I think there is inspiration all around us and we just need to tap into that source and it comes back to you. I love working with Indian traditions, colors and drapes.

What do you do when you have a block? If you have one that is…
I don’t have a block per say but yes there are ups and downs. I usually try and relax and close my eyes and then it slowly comes back to me and wraps me in it. I feel my brain needs to calm down once in a while and then it springs back.

Ten years is a long time in the industry. Many ups and downs like you said. Any takeaways?
Yes. It has been a fun ride and I loved it every bit. One thing I learnt is that you must never give up. Stay committed and pursue your dream.


What would you like to see from young designers?
I see a lot of people going towards western fashion. It is good but try to embrace our culture our traditions and you would find love and peace. We have an extraordinary history and thousands of years of art. It is a rich source and one should respect that.

Any message for aspiring designers?
Be brave and follow your inspiration. Never give up and be true to yourself.

Visit Varun Bahl’s page here and mail him @ info@varunbahl.com.
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