Open UP: #128

“I take every day as it comes – fresh, open to challenge, adventure, peace, joy and a chance to share happiness. I strive to be kind, humble and learn something new. I am truly blessed with many loving people around me. I want to be remembered as a good human being than anything else.” Yes….

Open UP: # 92

“I was a commerce student but my heart was in fashion. My parents were against it as they thought I would be more stable and secure when I am in a regular job. I too had a conflict and then I took a leap of faith. I started blogging, following and keeping myself informed about…

Tiger and Little Shilpa discuss her inspiration

Watch out for her head dresses. They told me. I was expecting something above normal like I have seen some nice head gears but I wasn’t expecting a style statement and a wonderful story woven in.  I love the way she treated her material and wove in fun into her presentation and how different it…

Open UP: # 80

  “Yes. I love acting. It is in my blood. I love dancing and my fans love me for it. I still am appearing in many endorsements and important engagements. But right now, I need to spend time with my children and hence am trying to give them my full attention. That is my first…

Tiger and Varun Bahl discuss fashion

His creations are a distinctive repertoire of designs, mixing vintage and antique look with the new and contemporary lines resulting in a very chic and fresh look. The focus of Bahl’s collection is primarily on surface ornamentation, simple and clean silhouettes and a fusion of techniques which means that one may find block printing, appliqué…

Open UP: # 72

“I like to be trendy. My dad doesn’t approve of me being too fashionable. I am not doing anything wrong. I just love looking good. It’s a question of my freedom. I know my limits and I won’t cross them. I am responsible.“ #OpenUP Subscribe to us for more stories. Follow us on facebook: Hit like!  

Open Up: # 65

“Everyone keeps reminding me I am tall. I know that. So there is no point of them mentioning I am tall. It gets to you after a point. I want to be known for other things too. What I do, what I like and what I achieve.” “What do you like?” “I write very well.”…

Talking to Sanjjanaa Archana Galrani

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. The roads were calm and empty owing to the rain that morning and the persistent drizzle. We were waiting to meet someone special. Can you come over? Here is the address… said Sanjjanaa and off we went.  Once we reached her place, she answered the door herself and played a perfect…

Open UP: # 59

“So do you watch my show?”   #OpenUP Subscribe to us for more stories. Follow us on facebook: Hit like!  

Open UP: # 58

  “I am usually calm and silent. I used to paint to express myself and then it became a hobby. Today, I am a full time painter and artist. My husband saw my work and helped me come out to share my art and paintings, build a brand and market them. Art has transformed me…

Open UP: # 46

“He is very naughty, keeps me on my toes all the time. He started liking tattoos and see how he poses with his mini-muscles!” #OpenUP Subscribe to us for more stories. Follow us on facebook: Hit like!  

Open UP: # 41

“Do you like my hair? Glad you noticed. Though I like to experiment with my hair, I like to keep it clean. I like short hair and it give me lot of freedom. Kids in my school dig it.” #OpenUP       Subscribe to us for more stories. Follow us on facebook: Hit like!