Talking to Sanjjanaa Archana Galrani

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. The roads were calm and empty owing to the rain that morning and the persistent drizzle. We were waiting to meet someone special.

Can you come over? Here is the address… said Sanjjanaa and off we went. 

Once we reached her place, she answered the door herself and played a perfect host as she offered us a warm cup of tea, almonds and walnuts. Sanjjanaa Archana Galrani is just a young girl who happens to be a celebrity. A very down-to-earth girl-next-door with a disarming smile and warm face, I loved her no nonsense style of approach to things. Though she was tired to the core and had a bad cough troubling her, she didn’t let it show as she answered our questions patiently and posed as we went on clicking. She is one of the most focused people I have met and is a joy to talk to. Here is what happened when the heartthrob of South Indian film industry talked to Tiger.   

Hello Sanjjanaa. Welcome to Talk To Tiger. Can we start?
Hi Tiger. Thank you for the interview. Looking forward to having fun.

Introduce yourself. Where are you from?
Hello everyone. I am Sanjjanaa. I am from our very own Bengaluru. 

How did your journey into acting start?
I was in modelling and it eventually moved on to acting and I am deeply blessed.

How does one become an actor? Is it easy being an actor?
No. It is not easy. It is a lot of hard work, many sacrifices, hours of dedication… it is endless hard work, hard work and hard work. For me, many times, I end up with three events a day, sleep for 4-5 hours and have shooting again in the morning at 5 AM. But it is a lot of fun. I am super happy doing what I love.

Any dream role?
I have played some interesting characters during my career. I love Shahrukh and would love to act with him one day.Any advice for upcoming actors?
Have a backup option and be dedicated to your work. This is a very competitive area and you must always have a backup. Don’t give up easily. If you don’t succeed, it is not the end of the world. You must be good at your back up too. Pursue what you love.

Are you brand conscious?

I am not very particular. I wear anything I am comfortable in. I do love getting dressed up too. I swear by a couple of designers and showrooms in Bangalore and Hyderabad. 

How do you get ready? Any colors you like?
I do my own make up. I am trained in makeup in Los Angeles from one of the best in the field. So I get ready on my own. I experiment sometimes but it is very simple. I love stronger shades.

Arsenal in Sanjjanaa’s kit

How do you keep fit?
I drink a lot of water. I put on some good music and just dance and work out for about 30 mins a day. I keep a tab on what I eat. I add more juices, less carbs and keep it simple. The secret is being happy. I never miss my meals. I love snacking on coconut water.

What colors do you like?
There is nothing in particular. Gold, Saturn blue, Royal blue, depends on my mood. I love classic colors and bling. Black is my favorite.

What do you fear most?
I think I don’t have lot of ‘fears’. I do get nervous when my film opens on a Friday and constantly keep checking for reviews. 

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I see myself being a mother and a business entrepreneur. I follow business very closely and have plans for my investments. I want to be an entrepreneur for sure.

Do you love reading? You are doing many films now. How do you remember scripts?
I read occasional fiction, especially short stories. I love listening. I have a good memory and remember my scripts easily. 

What do you do in your free time?
I rarely have free time. Whenever I get some free time, I love giving back to community. I work with some NGOs and organizations like CRY and believe in sharing what I have. I took the rice bucket challenge recently and encouraged all my fans to do so. I feel really happy when I get a chance to do something for others, especially for those who can’t help themselves.

Never give up

Any message to your fans?
Never give up! I believe in it so deeply that I have a tattoo of it on my wrist. Whatever you do, never give up. Just keep following your passion.

Another advice is to donate some money, however small, everyday to someone. Do it for 30 days for me and do it through the year. See how good you will feel when you help others. I love you all and thank you for your love.

You can follow Sanjjanaa on Twitter here and facebook here.

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  1. She is an awesome beauty and seems more better individual.


  2. SkyLark says:

    Good going Tiger!!


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