Tiger and Little Shilpa discuss her inspiration

Watch out for her head dresses. They told me. I was expecting something above normal like I have seen some nice head gears but I wasn’t expecting a style statement and a wonderful story woven in. 

I love the way she treated her material and wove in fun into her presentation and how different it was from other designers we usually see. She impressed everyone with her bold colors and wonderful denims, fantasy pieces and yet as we got down for a chat she was humble as a dove. Here is what happened when Shilpa decided to Talk To Tiger.

Hello Shilpa, Welcome to Talk To Tiger.
Thank you. She pulls her sleeves as if getting ready for a bout.
You named it Little Shilpa, why?
See ya! 
I see a lot of playfulness in your work.
I like to have fun with my work. I do try and make it serious, there is some seriousness. She says that with a serious look on her face.

Tell us about your collection?
For Blenders pride I have done three different collections. They are inspired from the music, parties and the eighties. Disco Denimals, metallic and shiny ones, Katori Choli blocks collections, fantastic, dramatic and fantasy pieces.
Where do you get inspiration from?
From everywhere. I am inspired from the life around me. For me the inspiration is the very first hand either I am reading a specific book or watching a movie everything that’s going around me.
What do you do when you have a block?
Read a book, watch a film, take a holiday.

How do you chose your material?
It just comes to me. Sometimes I think of an inspiration for a collection and material happens for me. Sometimes I just have the material and then I design the collection around it. So there is no specific restriction.
What happens when you chose a material and afterwards it’s late to work with it? You change it?
No. I don’t. It is a challenge that throws we do. It is always a challenge of how does it work? How does it balance and how do you know the off seen materials outdated kind of material work with each other.

How did you land in this profession? You always wanted to be one?
Yes, I always wanted to do design. I think somewhere head pieces is something that I was born to do.

Does your passion always interferes with your personal style?
Well it is because I don’t think I design for you know it is not like  I am designing a collection which is trend based or retail based but I am just designing for what I  feel at the moment. It is very personal  process for me.
If you have to work with a fashion designer who would it be ?
I would have worked with Galliano, Margiela, McQueen…

Why them specifically?
I love their work. I love the way they use lots of drama, lots of stories, their drama, Margiela is clean still there is a stark story with the work. I love their work. Their opposing ideas and that is what excites me.


Any future plans?
To do something which is more fashion art. Now I know I do a lot of fashion which is artisitic. I want to do more artistic fashion, more installation driven and then get retail out of that.
An advice for aspiring designers?
Don’t be scared to make mistakes. Because it’s your mistakes that always will make you learn and do what you have to do so. Be brave and it’s fine to make mistakes.
You can reach Little Shilpa here: www.littleshilpa.com

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