Tiger and the one who stood against Shiva

I have known Siddhesh Kabe for the last 3 years and have known him as the man in the hat. His blog: Sid-o-scope introduces him as an agent of chaos. Siddhesh is the brain behind the comic series – The Holy Cow. With his first book – The one who stood against Shiva and other stories is out on the shelves and three more books in the pipeline, Siddhesh is a force to reckon. He moves deftly from explaining how comics help you stay sane to why paperless offices are the future and goes back to munching the pizza we ordered.

What happens when two mad people who dabble in many things come together for a large chicken pizza and flowing coke? Read on…

Hey Sid! I say munching. Let us start the actual interview, we have been here for 2 hours straight! He nods munching. So here is what happened when we met Sis as a part of our author interviews series where we catch up with famous authors and their books.

Introduce yourself. What do people call you?
I am the Ravan! Now we both get into another 10 minutes of discussion about how versatile character Ravan was and is!

Tell me about your childhood. How were you as a kid?

I was born in a well-to-do middle class family in the western cultural city of Pune. Childhood was spent among lot of books, comics and escaping from bullies (which I must say managed badly). Always had the dream of making it big as a writer but the dreams were crushed by my school teachers who made it exceedingly clear that I was and I quote ‘Good for nothing’. Still I manage to scrap by writing bits and pieces here and there.

What did you study? What were your dreams like?

I accidentally got into computer engineering when I realized the real world was tad too boring for me. I developed a liking for the virtual computer world and it gave me superpowers. I completed my engineering from Pune university but I must say that was the time my real education started.
Surprisingly I am a man who lacks ambition, I had no dreams at all as a kid (except maybe sleeping for 18 hours at a stretch which I achieved after which my next milestone is 2 days at a stretch). I always wanted to have fun in life in whatever I do. I have not reached yet but I try. 

When did the writing bug bite you?
Sidoscope started as a small column in print magazines but then writers need food too. I had to work in my profession of computers to earn money and hence my connection with my column severed. A reader one day mailed me about missing the column and suggested I start a blog. Having poor knowledge of internet, I searched on Yahoo how to blog which took me to a Google service of blogger. Instantly a new world opened up which I started exploring and am still not done.

I run a blog, sidoscope.co.in that mostly host humor articles, short stories and things which could be… dangerous. I also have a small website which is mostly used to promote my books http://siddheshkabe.co.inI started a blog for comics called The Holy Cow but due to less time, the updates are infrequent.

What do you write about? What can your audience expect?
I always tell my readers be it on my blog, my comic or my book, come with no expectation. Or if you still insist on expecting, expect the unexpected. I empasise on the unexpected because that is what I keep in mind, the unexpectedness. But the USP of my work comes in form of themes that will challenge your believes, stimulate your senses and awaken your inner spirit.

Tell me about your first book. My first book explores a sensitive topic. It is a collection of six short stories from Indian mythology. Shiva, the most powerful hermit in the world renounces flesh to be in peace with his soul. Shakti, the most powerful force in the world hates the decision of her husband but unable to stop him. Unknown to both a third person will be born to unite the soul and the flesh. The one born without a man, the one born with the heart to unite the soul and the flesh and the one who stood against Shiva and still lives.

Was it easy to become an author? Any challenges on the way?

Nope it is not easy. Let us get some garlic bread. We both go to the counter and end up ordering two. I wouldn’t have completed it if it wasn’t for my wife Deepika. She literally made me sit down and finish the book. The topic needed me to work a lot, read a lot and research. I had to struggle but when the finished work is gaining accolades, I feel proud and I am glad Deepika pushed me.

A fascinating topic indeed. What next? Can you reveal something about your next book?

It sure is. The next book is called: Ragnarok – The fate of Gods. I wish I would tell you more but then I have to kill you 🙂 It is getting published and should be out in December. Again an interesting topic and I am sure you would love it.

You have numerous followers and readers. Any stargazed experience?
When I went to Chennai for a getaway, I got a call from a fan of the blog who wanted to meet me and take a photo with me. That was the moment I believed I had arrived. Since then any city I travel to I find people who have read the blog or know Ravan. The best compliment however, I received from my father who gave my first book in his office.

Your dad must be real proud. How many hits you get on a normal day to your blog?
Sidoscope reaches up to 500 readers per day on an average. The reading rate drops on Thursday morning but picks up again on Thursday lunch hour.

I know you have a novel and several short stories coming out. Can you tell us more?
I started working on my novel 3 years back and finished it recently. I plan to release at least one novel per year in the next five years reducing the time between idea and conceptualization. I do not however wish to stick to a genre but explore multiple avenues of channeling out.

Tell me about your family!
My father is a over enthusiast automobiles dabbler. He loves the cars and turbo engines, Mother is a retired banker who enjoys the comfort of early retirement and warmth of the house. I have an aspiring filmmaker for my brother who fondles with his camera and trying to bring some of my stories to life on his YouTube channel. We are a happy bunch of do-gooders who live life comfortably without pets.

If you want someone to hack into your brain, stimulate you, challenge your ideas and make you think, Sid is just a phone call away. Ya… he works better with a cup of tea 🙂

You can reach Siddhesh Kabe by mailing him at hi5@sidoscope.co.in or call 7406302846.

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