Tiger meets Notary Mama

Don’t you hate it when you are supposed to get some documentation done, rental agreement renewed and so on? Where to go, which format to use, whom to speak to, which department to approach and will they ask for bribe?

Did you wish you had someone who could get this done for you? A genie or a mama! Your wish is answered. Meet Notary Mama – your friendly neighborhood documents solution!

Notary Mama Talks to Tiger and now I know whom to call next time I have some government office work to be done. Read on.

Hello Notary Mama! How are you? What is your real name?
Hello Tiger mama 🙂 I am Gireesh Challa and I am great. Thank you for meeting and covering us!

Tell me about yourself, your childhood, education…
Mama takes a deep breath and… I was born in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. Lived in Chennai, Mathura, Nashik, Udhampur, Jhansi, Agra and came to Bangalore in 1998 during 10th class. Always studied in CBSE class, and spent entire childhood in military quarters. I did my Masters from PESIT.

Did you work before starting out with Notary Mama?
I always wanted to play cricket, was good in bowling and batting. When I grew up, I wanted to do something for Bangalore which no one ever attempted to do so. I still have a dream to make a A-Z information portal and magazine only for Bangalore.

At first, when I was working in IBM and Cegedim, every employee used to submit Rental Agreements for HRA. I always used to think, I am loosing 20 customers every year, who were in my team. That was the motivation behind Notary Mama!

Explain Notary Mama.
I bridge the gap between customers and problems! There is a lack of information, time and patience. You don’t know where to do, whom to ask and what to do! Notary Mama provides solutions to all these problems.

Some of our solutions are: Agreements to Affidavits – Documentations, Birth Certificate to Death Certificate – Services, Proprietorship to Private Limited – Registrations, Service Tax to Central Sales Tax – Accounting, Khata Transfer to Electricity Bill Transfer – Property at your doorstep with a fixed fees.

So you solve all the notary problems for everyone? Such a great idea! When did you start? How is the response?
2013! Excellent and encouraging. I provide a solution that you would definitely want and when I provide a solution without you running around, without paying a bribe at a nominal cost – people love it! We also generate final receipt after every successful documentation. He met me between two appointments on the road! I could see he is really busy and he confirms so.

I know you are the face of Notary Mama. Do you have a team?
Yep. I have three more partners in the crime: Aditya, Prashanth and Vaibhav who are in Ninja mode. You see them in the pic behind me!

Can we discuss the financials? What’s the turnover?
We started recently in 2013 and have had recently helped 100 customers and are on the way to 200 clients. Our services range from Rs. 299/- to 6999/-… so you can imagine 🙂

That is very less, around half of what people usually charge.

What are your future plans? Expansion?
I currently have one registered office and one registered website with 4 people as partners. I want to employ 25 employees and want to have 5 centres in next 1 year. My one year goal is to serve 500 customers daily. The plan for next 5 years is to cover entire state and have at least one centre in each city of Karnataka.

So we can expect Notary Mama would be able to help solve the corruption problem to some extent? Tell me about your family!
That is the aim. About my family, my wife is a lecturer in Frank Anthony Public School. I am blessed with a son, who is 3.5 years old. I live for my son and wife. I spend min 3 hours with my son everyday. The only reason I left my IT job is to spend time with my family and serve another big family called Bangalore.

Any message to people considering entrepreneurship?
He turns serious. You may send SMS to 100 friends and invite them for a party, they surely will turn up. But check how many will come forward, if you send a SMS stating that you are in need of 11,000 rupees to open a current account in a Bank. May be two or three, make them partners and start your business.

Superb! Any principle you live by?
He breaks into laughter… Live for today, Plan for tomorrow, Party Tonight.

Gireesh and his team are looking for investments worth of 50 lakhs to run 5 centers in Bangalore with 20 trained employees and is open for the franchise model. You can reach him on 74063 74063 or help@notarymama.com.

Notary Mama’s solution is to a widespread problem and provides as solution to all of us. With a clean business plan, simple franchise model, I see them going a long way. Good luck mama.

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  1. Kiran says:

    I liked the principle ” Live for today, Plan for tomorrow, Party Tonight ” !!!


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