Open UP: # 43

“I make these cute polymer clay toys to match favorite toons. Won’t you love to have them on your refrigerator or on a key chain?  I am getting married next year! Any my boyfriend is right behind you!!!” #OpenUP Subscribe to us for more stories. Follow us on facebook: Hit like!

Open UP: # 33

“I am an actor, director, producer and love art. I was cast as a judge in several movies in Kerala. I used all my savings to produce a movie. The film did well but some distributors cheated me and I ended up in debts.  I sold my house to clear debts and moved here to…

Open UP: # 30

 “Don’t make me smile. My teeth are not good :)” “I think they are beautiful. What is your favorite color?” “I like anything pink. I have a whole set of barbies, all pink, at home. Pink is so cool.” #OpenUP Click here to Like us on facebook

ART KARAT, Asha & The Raasleela Collection

She is the go to person when any top bollywood director wants some authentic jewellery to be designed for his film. Her creations have adorned several royal napes and she designed jewellery for some of the world’s most beautiful women including Lady Diana and Aishwarya Rai. She launched her line in 1988, a time when…

Open UP: # 26

“We take care of the music system and manage the sound. We ensure that there is no interruption. We look forward to a great show.”“What are the cons about your job?”“We have to wait till the end and pack up after the act.” “What are the pros?” “We are satisfied it we put up a…

Open UP: # 24

I told her she was very beautiful and asked if I could click her picture. With a wide grin she said, “I know I am pretty. I have acted in several ads and played some roles with Amitabh Bachchan. He calls me the Sweet Lady as I always give him my home made chocolates. “…

Open UP: # 23

“I am 70+. I live with my brother and his family. I work for 10-12 hours a day selling greens.  I make about Rs. 900 (about $20) on a good day. I am not working for money. I work so I am respected.” #OpenUP

Open UP: # 22

“I have to sell 200 of these everyday to survive. My wife is selling balloons on the other side of the street. My son is selling plastic planes. These are only seasonal.” “What do you do once the festival is gone?” “I am a tailor. I go door to door and repair, resize clothes.” #OpenUP…

Open UP: # 20

“Tell me something you are proud of.” “Did you see the fan here? I got it fixed so I need not fan it all the time.  It works brilliantly and reduces my effort and saves time.” “I am an inventor. Want a kebab?” #OpenUP

Open UP: # 19

“You are late! The festival season is almost over and in a few hours you wouldn’t have taken my picture!”“Sorry. I am here now.” “Good. I will pose. Click a good picture. Make sure I look good.” #OpenUP Subscribe to us for more stories. Follow us on facebook: Hit like!

Open UP: # 16

“I wanted to be an automobile engineer. I can rip apart and put together any Tata engine but no one gives a job without qualifications.”“What are you doing to get a job?” “I work part time at a friend’s shop.” #OpenUP

Open UP: # 15

“Can I click your picture?” “Okay. I am just playing. My amma is babysitting in one of the houses here.” “Where do you stay?” “Did you see the blue houses (A temporary slum) there in the next street? There.” “What aren’t you at school?” “Don’t know!” #OpenUP