Talk to Tiger: Vidya Lakshmi

Vidya is a good friend, a wonderful person and an awesome cook. She has a food blog and blogs at

Vidya’s blog is one of the most visited blogs in India and is one of the most sought after destination for recipes and traditional dishes. With her simple, to the point and easy approach to cooking Vidya commands a loyal audience.

Here is what she had to say when we met for coffee last week. I ended up having poories, fish tickyan, chicken curry, rosagulla, fruit salad and then came coffee.

Vidya! Welcome to Talk to Tiger. Could catch you finally!Finally got some time to talk to you and first of all thank you so much for inviting me on Talk to Tiger.

Tell me more about yourself. A small intro? 

I’m from Bangalore born and brought up here my family are all from Bangalore its almost 200 years of settlement in this garden city which is now polluted.

I used to work for a BPO MNC work was routine its 12 years of experience in BPO industry in 2007 as recession hit IT and ITES sector many of us lost our jobs. During this period my client was good enough he gave me an opportunity to work from home I used to work from 6 in the morning till midnight at this point I was working with 2 clients I used to work on resume formatting and also attending calls training, etc. This went well for some time.

After which there was a huge crisis in the family my dad was a retired employee who started a transport business he had invested all his life earnings on a property and business BBMP which is called as Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike  acquired the only property we owned stating that it was built on a government land we were devastated dad is still running pillar to post to save the property and is not able too during this period dad was not concentrating in his business we faced major losses there and had to close down business.

How did the blogging bug bite you?

During  2008 I created a facebook account where all my friends and colleagues used to chat with me that was the only pleasure I had it was one way of forgetting all the tension and just talking to friends My client from USA also added me to his FB network he one day requested me to show him how to prepare aloo paratha.

After his message I tortured mom to show how to prepare aloo paratha she was totally against coming in front of a camera some how with lot of effort after convincing her a lot I finally got to take pics of step by step how to prepare aloo paratha. which was uploaded on facebook the next day to my surprise I got 4000 likes and almost 300 requests to show them a video recipe and all started asking me for the blog link. I was totally unaware of blogging at that time.

That’s so cool. And you started your blog?

Once people saw me post recipe pics all my friends started to request their favorite recipes I used to upload step by step pics and every time I uploaded these pics it used to go viral almost 1000 likes. Then one day some unknown person gave me a call and thanked me for giving him the best bisi bele baath rice recipe that was a shock to me as too how did he got hold of my number i was scared that this person is going to hurt me. The very next step I deleted my FB account.

It was new year 2009 Jan 1st my mom was unable to get up from her bed she was all of a sudden in this state we rushed her to hospital she lost one of her kidney when she was in her 30s and she survived with one kidney all these years the doctors examined her and there was a shocking news her one kidney was also not functioning well and her heart condition is bad they said she will be normal in few days after medication but there is no guarantee on her life they gave her medication she is doing okay till now but the fear is still there I will loose her.

Then in 2009 I recreated FB account and a blog followed by youtube I wanted to capture all her memories in this blog all her recipes all of her favorite recipes, what I create and so on. From then I’ve not stopped blogging its almost become my daily routine to blog and upload new recipes.

And the response is overwhelming. I also know that you are one of the few bloggers who earn decent money from blogging.

I left my job for blogging in 2012 google approached me and asked me if I was interested to work with them I was so excited and finally partnered with google for google adsense.

The revenue sharing model has helped me in lot of ways I am helping dad and mom in some way I covered all my dues with gods grace I should do more.

When people ask me howz life I really don’t know life is a mystery. I’m just sailing in a small boat which God created for me.

That’s wonderful Vidya. Thank you for talking to us. Can you share your favorite posts from your blog.

Aloo Paratha :

Vanjaram Fish Fry:

Mutton Soup:

Donne Mutton Biryani:

Masala Puri Chaat:

Loved talking to you Vidya and keep posting. Can I have few more gulab jamuns please?

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