Talk to Tiger: Nihaal, the super kid!

Nihaal just celebrated his third birthday and is gearing up to join school soon. As a part of his playtime he was learning animal names. Here is what he had to say when the T2T met with him.

T2T: Nihaal what are you doing?
Nihaal: Playing with my toys.
T2T: I see lot of wild animal toys! Which one do you like most?
Nihaal: I like all. But Tiger is my favorite. Mommy is a Tiger!
T2T: That’s cool. What about daddy?
Nihaal: Daddy is a Lion! (makes the roaring sound with and beautiful expression on his face)

T2T: Wow and who are you?
Nihaal: I am a BUFFALO!!! (Makes a superb grunting sound with hands spread out like a wrestler)

Nihaal wins 🙂

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