Revise Diet with Atraeyee Niharchandra

“Can we meet today?”
“Yes. How about 9 pm?”
“Sounds good. Where?”
“IIM Bangalore?”
“Okay! See you there.”
She comes at 9.30 pm packed in a helmet, scarf, jacket, handbag, with a smile that disarms my restlessness of waiting for 30 mins. As we walk out of the beautiful campus at 2 am, I tell her that she is one of the strongest women (literally) I have met.

Atraeyee’s blog Revise Diet has crazy fan following and she is the go-to girl if you want to lose weight without running to the gym or dieting. With loads of fun and food involved in the process, she would swear by her hula hoop that losing 10 kgs in 3 months is cake walk, quite literally. Apart from being a yoga Instructor, health & fitness trainer, blogger, traveler, foodie, naturopathy follower, avid reader and a photographer she is a winner who did not lose heart when she was bedridden for almost a year due to an accident and turned her pain to success when she found revise diet. Amazing what few torn ligaments, a strong desire and positive attitude can do to a person.

Here is what ensued as we had midnight mango shake and discussed health, fitness and life for Talk To Tiger.

Hello Atraeyee! Tell us who you are.
Is this formal? Okay. I am a health trainer and an entrepreneur.
Her entrepreneurial journey started when she was 17!
Where were you born? Tell me about your childhood.
I was born in Bhopal, later on moved to Gujarat and raised in couple of places in India. I was born in an educated family. My mom has a doctorate in Sanskrit. I was a pampered kid with all the luxuries in life as my dad was working at a senior level in a steel concern in Baroda. I have several fond memories from my childhood. I was always a couch potato and hated anything related to exercise.
What and where did you study?
I am a BBA, MBA and then did my entrepreneurial course from IIM Bangalore. I am studying Naturopathy in Vadodara. I want to be a doctor! I look at her and she confirms that she gave her plus two recently and then went on to join in science.
What were your dreams like when you were a kid?
To do something valuable in life. One day my dad came home and said he is starting out on his own and is planning to resign from his comfortable job. As a family it was a big decision for us and we had to forego all the luxuries that came with the job and start out fresh and we were up for it. That phase of my life, especially as an individual, taught me to stand up and do things.
Tell me about Revise Diet.
Like I said, I was the laziest person available on the planet and I love to eat, I mean a lot! Fish fry is my favorite and has to be there almost every day. I saw many people fall sick and lose their health due to lack of sleep, bad choices of food, staying in high stress environment. It is always good to get back in shape but people don’t know how. There are very few choices around. I make people healthy and I work towards health awareness and training. Revise diet would rework your diet and help you lose weight easily.
What is the name of your blog? Where can people find information about it?
What is special about Revise Diet? There are several weight loss programs everywhere.
Losing weight is easy and can be done by anyone. Losing weight doesn’t mean you are healthy. You have to take care of your body in all it’s elements. My approach towards getting healthy is different. I focus on the individual’s body structure, shape, and problems and then design the program for them. It is strictly personal and hence has a higher success rate. All my clients have gained good health and losing weight is a bonus in the process.

How many clients have you had till now? How was the response?
I have successfully helped close to 100 people lose weight in Bangalore in the last few months and the loss stays. They don’t feel strained and are really comfortable with the schedule given. I don’t advise them to diet, I correct the diet. My blog has had lakhs of visitors and hits till now and I have a huge fan base who support me and encourage me to share tips, secrets and demystify health training.

The best part is the personal attention and I am still affordable
Revise Diet is not about money or adding clients as I realize. You end up paying just above what a good meal would cost you but gain a healthier body and a healthier soul.

Tell me your best experience after you started Revise Diet.
I must say I am doing this as a mission and I am happy with myself. Most of my clients are women – young, married, elderly and I also have people with special needs who can’t exercise and jog. It is always a joy to see results in cases where everyone has given up. Now that women have lost weight, it is encouraging men to come forward and join.

The hugs and thank you messages I get from my clients when we meet their individual targets is simply amazing. I have listed some of them on my facebookpage.

Can you share the financials?
I don’t think financials are important, she says, I am more interested in helping more number of people.
After I insist she shares her plans for the next one year and I must admit, I am impressed. No wonder she is quitting her job at IIM!
What are your plans for the future?
To spread health awareness all around and help people lose weight.
Tell me about your family.
My dad is an entrepreneur and is into steel business. No wonder she is strong 🙂. His firm is one of the most recognized SSIs in India. Mom is our anchor and home maker. 
A quote/book that influenced you
Fasting can save your life.

Any quick tips for weight loss for my readers?
If you have the willpower you can easily lose weight. Here are some quick tips.

You can reach Atraeyee by mail: revisediet@gmail.comor call 8861502438. Not you can, you MUST!

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