Tiger and the Big Men

I met Ramu and Mahadev at an event recently and had a chat to find out the reason behind their ever smiling faces, some times forced. To my surprise they were very jovial and matter of fact.

Hello! How are you? What are your names?
Hi…. I am Ramu and he is Mahadev. We are enjoying the event.

How old are you? Tell me about your families.
Ramu: I am 52 yrs old and Mahadev is 50. I am his senior. I have 2 kids and he has two. Both of our kids are married and he still irritates his kids and asks them to send money. At this point Mahadev vehemently shakes his head grinning and denies it.

How many hours do you work here and what are you paid?

We usually work for 3-5 hours depending on the event and are paid well 😀 Both of them burst into laughter! Then turn serious. We are paid by an agency who gets jigs for us. They pay us well. I know the figure and I have to agree with them. They fortunately work for a good agency who takes good care of them.

How do you feel dressing up everyday and interacting with kids?

Mahadev speaks up finally. We love it. God made us like this and we are not sad. Everyday we get a chance to light up smiles in hundreds of kids and they love us. Makkalu (kids) love is pure sir and we lap it up.

Any bad experience? Anything you wished you could change?
Mahadev: Not really but sometimes it pains when some educated people look down upon us and treat us badly. We don’t respond to them and just try to ignore but it hurts. Once in a while we find people like you who are really interested in knowing us. It makes our day. I am muted at this point.

Ramu: He is getting emotional like Sharukh Khan sir. Only height is the problem, otherwise his romantic history would put Sharukh to shame. They both have a hearty laugh and I see how quickly they could come out laughing.

You are going on my blog. Do you want to pass on a message?
Ramu: Illa sir, we are too small to send a message. Again their trademark laugh. Just say Hi from my side and tell them to keep doing good.
Mahadev is all smiles and then gives me a serious look. Next time they see any of my friends, ask them to give us a big smile and that would make our day 🙂

When life throws a challenge at you, it shouldn’t cripple you, it should bring your character out. 

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  1. Unknown says:

    Loved it Tiger… Small Men, Bigger Heart !


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