Eat well with Ranjani Raman

How many times have you looked at yourself in a mirror and thought you should lose weight? How many times have you tried to lose on your own and lost? How many times have you wished for someone who would understand what your body needs, listen to your problems and come up with a special solution of simple aerobics or asanas that would help you lose weight in a healthy way? Well your search ends now with nutrition expert – Ranjani Raman.

 For this week’s post on Talk to Tiger, we meet and understand the busy life of ever smiling Ranjani Raman who believes that losing weight is not just to look fit or feel fit but to regain the lost confidence and vigor in your life. You will feel that you have overcome most of your problems and live a more pleasing and happy life when you are fit.

Ranjani is the founder of Nutrilife – Nutrition for Life and a nutritionist by qualification but a life transformer by passion and she is a woman on a mission. I could finally catch her in her office for coffee (she came armed with a water bottle) and here is what ensued.

Hello Ranjani! Could catch you finally. How are you?
Yes. I am glad I could meet you. I am just coming from a breakfast meeting with a client who is trying to lose 40 pounds and has had some really positive results since the last one month she has been working with me. So I am in high spirits!

That is great to hear. Can you tell me where you come from and your childhood?
I am from the beautiful town of Ooty where I was born and brought up. My grandparents have been entrepreneurs and I guess it runs in me too. For graduation, I studied the Satya Sai Baba college in Anantapur where discipline is tough and that was a pleasant change from a carefree pampered childhood and helped me to learn the essence of being independent, responsible and helped me grow. I learnt yoga, music, meditation and relaxing during this time.

How did your interest in Nutrition grow?
We were always advised to eat healthy food and stay fit with ample physical exercise during my childhood. Though I was born in Ooty, my roots are in Bangalore and once I moved here, I found that my lifestyle changed and I was more exposed to processed food, junk food and all my friends and colleagues had no idea what they were consuming in the name of food and this was a revelation for me. I started reading up and working towards my specialization in Nutrition and it helped me realize what is good for you and what is not. It was more in the search of information, than for business.

Tell me your eureka moment. How and when did Nutrilife happen?
Most of my colleagues used to love the fresh strawberries, I used to get from Ooty and devour them as these were much fresher and tastier. I also teamed with a chef in our canteen and used to whip up salads which were not just a good replacement, but also healthy. I realized that people were willing to change if someone actually take time to understand their bodies and work out on a customized diet. The only reason why people lose faith is when they have failed. I realized my life’s calling is to help everyone to eat healthy, work out and become a better individual. That is how Nutrilife happened in 2012.

How is the journey so far and how are Bangaloreans accepting you?
It is simply brilliant. Last year, I have had over 100 clients and we have had many success stories of men, women, kids and elderly people who have successfully lost their weights, are eating healthy, nutritious food and have met their goals. Last month – April went great with enrollment of clients for triple to double challenge(T2D) – those weighing above 100 and I am very thankful to God for giving me an opportunity to help them. The challenge is still on.

Congratulations! That is simply superb. Why should someone contact you for weight loss? Aren’t gyms and personal trainers available?
Most of the health clubs and gyms in the market focuses on your weight loss alone and don’t work with you individually. The focus should be on your health, fitness and eating right. I work with my clients, understand their lifestyle and suggest lifestyle changes and improvements based on their age, body type, gender, requirements and help them regain their health. I am not against gyms and trainers but working out may not be the solution all the time. Eating properly is!

So in simple terms how do you describe your work?
I tell people what’s good to eat and what is not, thereby helping them lead a healthy life. I work with trainers, fitness experts, yoga teachers, aerobic instructors and many more. So Nutrilife helps you get a one stop solution for all your health and fitness problems.

Is consulting with Nutrilife expensive?
Absolutely not. I think staying healthy is very important and prevention is the cheapest solution. Nutrilife ensures that you won’t need to worry about the cost. 🙂 You would love investing and working on yourself.

Is it tough to follow your prescribed diet and regimen?
I have to disagree with you again. I don’t suggest atrocious diets and impossible routines. I am very passionate about food and at the same time I am very health conscious. Everything I suggest is simple and natural. It is very easy to become healthy once you make up your mind. My clients love my solutions, especially my diets. I treat myself with chocolate cheese cake from Ammi’s once in a while – she confesses.

What are your plans for this year? 
I look forward to help people who are suffering from any ailments or disorders. If you, your friends, your relatives or your children suffer from diabetes, cardiac disorder, high cholesterol, hormonal issues, kidney issues, food allergies, Alzheimer’s, Hemophilia, and many many more, connect with me and we will provide you with a customized therapeutic diet consultation and plan which you can follow and ensure your medical condition does not stop you from leading a normal life. I also want to focus on sports and work with children.

Excellent. Now how can someone contact you?
Write to me at or call me @ 088 6162 6767 to book an appointment today or you can follow me here on facebook for tips on eating well.

While I sipped about three refills of coffee, Ranjani managed to finish her water bottle. As we walked out of the fifth floor coffee place we were in, she headed towards the stairs as I halted at the elevator. I couldn’t escape and had to take the stairs instead.

If you want to find out what is troubling your health and are looking to take a step towards better health, Ranjani can come up with a customized solution.

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  1. good luck on your health campaigns ranjani raman keeping going for acme 🙂


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