Tiger vs 3 Monkeys

For people who are just teetotalers, like yours sincerely, and are looking at good music and good food, it is rare that you find a place that meets your requirement and matches your taste. Many times you end up in a family restaurant and are happy. Once in a while a brand decides to work out a good place with separate places for non-drinking music and fun enthusiasts and decides that this is not a waste of space but is important to address the family crowd while giving them the taste of the night life Bangalore is famous for. That is where 3 Monkeys comes into picture.

I would like to tell you it is a beer drinker’s paradise and people would go crazy with its sheer size (longest bar 140 ft in India) and its gallons of the yellow sultry solution brewing for bellies. The amazing collection was offered by none other than the MD as I walked in late. I loved the way the glasses kept flowing (I mean of the Orange juice I had asked for) and my glass was never empty. People started trickling in and as the DJ churned out one popular bollywood song after another, blue lights tried to locate the dancing bodies in the night and the Bose noise systems let us soothe and relax while sipping the chilled OJ and put all your day’s tensions at bay and disappear in the night.

(Click on the pic to enlarge)

As we moved on to the food tasting session, we were in for a treat as the chef was crafting special dishes to our taste and we couldn’t ask for more. As we settled in comfy sofas and midst the flowing fruit juice for yours sincerely and beer and soda for the rest, we were treated to an amazing platter of Chicken tikka, Onion rings, Peas pakora, Chilli Paneer, Kaju dabbed beautifully roasted chicken strips and many more rounds of these later we were already full. Some of us were actually alternating between munching, walking, dancing and slumbering. The highlight of all this was that the plates were getting empty as Chengappa and Anand were helping us out with a friendly smile though other tables were full.

Main course consisted of the traditional roti basket with all the expected bread spreads with ample servings of kaju and butter. No. I wasn’t dieting. The chicken curry, mutton masala, dal tadka, and then came the Chicken biryani. With enough salads, liquids and all the savory dishes in us, we couldn’t fit in the ice cream spread. It was an amazing experience and the pics just don’t do justice. You should visit and see for yourself. yes, you have ample parking place and it is easy to reach on any day. If you don’t want to see bad, speak bad and hear bad, 3 Monkeys is the place to head to where good food and music will lift up your spirits. 

Thank you Shalini, Vidya, Raksha, Rajsekhar, Jeet, Rohit, Deepasri and 3 Monkeys for a lovely evening.

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For more pics check this out.

Here are Tiger’s ratings:

  • Ambiance: 4/5
  • Music: 4/5
  • Food: 4/5
  • Value: 4/5 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Raksha says:

    nice review.. enjoyed reading 🙂


  2. Tiger says:

    Thank you Raksha


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