Open UP: # 138

“I always competed with my cousin brothers and all the boys in my class to be in sports considered as boy’s domain. This was rare feat to achieve in the 1970s. My father always backed me up and encouraged me to take it seriously. I was very successful in my pursuit of football and cricket…

Open Up: # 06

Her uncle chided her and asked her to stand straight. She kept running away from the camera as I asked if I could click her. Soon she returned with her kid brother and posed.  “Do you go to school?” “School? What school?” #OpenUP

Open UP # 03

“What is your name?” “Hanuman! (Proceeds to make a face imitating the character he is playing).” “No. What is YOUR name?” “My own name? I am Ramu! (Walks away with a huge smile on his face).” #OpenUP

Open Up # 01

“Do you like what you do?” “I drive an auto. I work 12 hours a day. It is difficult to drive an auto with so much pollution and traffic.” “Any decision you want to undo?” “All my teachers in college wanted me to study law. I should have listened to them. I did a technical course instead…

Open Up # 00

Everyone has a story if you care to listen.OpenUp is an initiative to bring those unheard stories out to the open; to share, discuss, learn & love. #OpenUp Everyone has a story. Over the last 15 years, I have been talking to different people, who otherwise would never tell their story. Some of them were…

The Idly Magician

T: How hot is that?! N: Steaming hot! As he proceeded to open it up I said – Careful. It might burn.  N: In the last twelve years I worked here I got burnt only once.  T: Wow. When was that? N: The first day 😉