Open UP: # 58

  “I am usually calm and silent. I used to paint to express myself and then it became a hobby. Today, I am a full time painter and artist. My husband saw my work and helped me come out to share my art and paintings, build a brand and market them. Art has transformed me…

Open UP: # 56

“He used to scribble on the walls when he was a small child. I encouraged him to draw more. He developed his own style and look how nice he draws now! Encourage your children, always. Make sure they have a back up too.”   #OpenUP Subscribe to us for more stories. Follow us on facebook: Hit…

Open UP: # 54

“I keep experimenting with my mustache and am known for my style. My wife likes it a lot. No. Can you mention she encourages me to try different styles?”   #OpenUP Subscribe to us for more stories. Follow us on facebook: Hit like!  

Open Up: # 53

“I have 40 tattoos on me. I got my first one when I was 17. I love being inked. They show what I want to express and feel.”   #OpenUP Subscribe to us for more stories. Follow us on facebook: Hit like!  

Open UP: # 50

  “I repair bikes. I love my work. Did you see today is Eid and I still fixed your car tire? My abbu (dad) taught me that. Be committed and love your work. Money and respect will follow.”   #OpenUP Subscribe to us for more stories. Follow us on facebook: Hit like!  

Open UP: # 39

  “My owner is good. He takes good care of me. I sell peanuts worth 400-500 INR everyday. I get 4000 INR/month and send everything home. I never went to school as we had no money. I want to start my own business. I am learning all the tricks of the trade. Anna (brother), where…

The Grand Master and The Talking Picture

He calls me 15 mins before to confirm the place, time and reaches exactly on time. Dressed in a checks shirt, jeans, with a calm demeanor, he observes, locates where I am in the cafe, acknowledges me, moves to get a table for himself as he sees I am with someone and calmly waits. The peace…

Open Up: # 05

“What are you proud of?” “I bought this new auto and am working hard sincerely. I have no bad habits.” “What are you having for lunch today?” “My chikkamma (Mom’s sister) packed me some curd rice.” “Where do you want to be in five years?” “I love cooking and feeding people. I want to start a bakery soon….

Ahmed – the Comedian Shariff

The humdrum of modern machinery doesn’t let you to question the status quo. Nor do you have a chance to look out of your daily life, step away from the conveyor belt of birth-school-college-job-retire-death. You might think life is boring and there is no getting out of this routine but once in a while you would…

Tiger meets Notary Mama

Don’t you hate it when you are supposed to get some documentation done, rental agreement renewed and so on? Where to go, which format to use, whom to speak to, which department to approach and will they ask for bribe? Did you wish you had someone who could get this done for you? A genie…