Open UP: # 09

“How many coffees you make in a day?” “I prepare around 700 coffees easily in my shift. I am working here since 18 months. So I would have easily served over 250,000 coffees!” “Isn’t that a record?” “Don’t know. I am just doing my job!” #OpenUP

Open Up: # 05

“What are you proud of?” “I bought this new auto and am working hard sincerely. I have no bad habits.” “What are you having for lunch today?” “My chikkamma (Mom’s sister) packed me some curd rice.” “Where do you want to be in five years?” “I love cooking and feeding people. I want to start a bakery soon….

Restaurant Review: Tiffinbox etc.

I love food. I will admit that. I especially love quality food at a good restaurant. Very rarely you would find fine dining with good service and the food tasting finger licking good. When Tiffin Box was selected as a destination to meet up few friends, I had my expectations high and the team at…