About Me

Talk to Tiger is all about Positive psychology. Here we talk to successful people in life like authors, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, homemakers, physical labourers, politicians, actors and everyone. If you think you have a story to tell, talk to Tiger 🙂

You can reach us by mailing write2tiger@gmail.com or text +91 9742 234 567.

About Tiger:

Tiger is a consumer behaviour and psychologist by passion and marketing and branding strategist by profession. He works for a real estate firm that is into eco-friendly buildings based out of Bangalore. He is an avid reader (always searching for books to review), foodie, photographer and a motivational speaker. He has been blogging about consumer behaviour for over 11 years now at www.ConsumerPsyche.com and is active on twitter with 95000+ followers till date. He was awarded many times for his contribution to marketing and strategy some if which are:

  • Rising Star Marketer of the Year 2015 – National Business & Service Leaders Summit
  • Social Media Leader of the Year 2015 – National Awards for Excellence in Digital Media
  • Marketing Leader of the Year 2015 – CMO Asia Awards for Excellence – Singapore
  • Brand Strategist of the Year 2015 – Asian Leadership Conference – Dubai

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