The Good You Can!

In a series of simple cute videos less than a minute each called The Good You Can, we learn simple ways of reducing our power bills by 90% by switching to LED and how it can help light up a complete set of homes giving hope, light, and happiness to people who otherwise don’t have access to power as we consume everything. The Good You Can is an initiative by 100 Pipers who have taken it upon themselves to create simple content rich videos to share a social message in a nice way.
One of the videos is titled ‘Save Between Strokes’ and mentions how much water gets wasted every day when we keep tap running for three minutes every time we brush, we lose about 15,00,000 liters of water which is what an entire village consumes in a year! Yes. In a year! That is just simply too much water down the drain. Another thought provoking video talks about not idling the car in traffic jams by which you spend around 20 mins with the engine idling on. This is apparently so large that it takes an entire forest to clear up in one year. The figures shared are mindboggling and beg for remedial action which is so easily available with a little bit of conscious attention.

Every day we end up wasting so much food that we don’t realize how much we can save! The ‘Finish what you started’ video explains just that. On an average from breakfast, lunch, and dinner, considering we waste 300 grams of good, we are throwing about seven tons of food in a lifetime which in turn would be enough to feed 3500 people for an entire day, that is three meals in total. Let me say that again. 3500 people in a day. I don’t have words for that! All I can say, I will take less and finish what I started off. No more wasting of the food. One step further would be to pack food that is left out and give away to someone who can have it which would be one less person going to bed hungry.

This series has many more videos coming up and has a positive message which would help clear problems we face every day by taking a simple forward-looking step by a minor change in our lifestyle. Let use watch these videos, share the message with friends and family and help them bring out the Good You Can!
#TheGoodYouCan #PositivePsychology #ShareandCare

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