Open UP: #116

Talk To Tiger.jpg

“I have a daughter and two younger sons. Both the sons go to school and are studying well but the daughter is at home. In our village and culture we don’t send daughters to school. She goes to Madrasa and studies Quran there along with other life skills. But she is very interested in school and reads her brother’s books when they go out to play. I wanted her to story but people will laugh at me so she is at home. Anyways she is not mine forever and would go away once I get her married. If she is educated no boy will marry her and will laugh at home. I do not want to be ridiculed.

Have you heard of Malala, Benazir Bhutto and what education can do?
Yes but I can’t go against culture and what people would speak about me. I will find her a nice groom and treat them well. I know the evils but cannot do anything.”

#OpenUP #TalkToTiger #LifeofaGirlChild #Education

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