Swati and the Punjabi Thali

How does living in a Punjabi family look like? What if you are married to one? We all know that Punjabis have a flavour for all that is good. A little extra dollop of makkan, sweet, juice, food and frolic. Well her new book captures the eccentric lifestyle of a typical Punjabi household with all the emotions coined into one, Swati managed to capture and give you a ringside view. Here is a look at her life and the inspiration behind becoming author when she talked to Tiger.

Talk To Tiger

Hello Swati. Welcome to Talk to Tiger. Can you introduce yourself?
I will always remain Chulbuli for my family, no matter how big a name I acquire. During the interview, I am sure you will hear me laugh, like it’s the best thing I know. That’s my signature of a hearty person!

Where were you born? Tell me about your childhood, parents…
New Delhi has been a key influence on a major part of my life. For a brief period I was in Pune to study MBA and I came back to work in the Capital city. Childhood was fun; we lived in a joint set up. Further our house in the metro city worked to the advantage of many relatives who parked their luggage with us and also stayed, some stayed for months! My brother and I had a fantastic time since we were pampered to no end and enjoyed our umpteen trips to Mughal gardens and India Gate.

What and where did you study? Any influences that inspired to write?
My dad has a passion for poetry. There is this diary that he has maintained for years, now I believe it’s time to get it published.

What were your dreams like when you were a kid? 
Well, I wanted to don a multiple hats at multiple times. I guess I have done exactly that. A media marketeer, a banker, a blogger, a painter, a potterer, a poet, a chef, a teacher, a business entrepreneur, an author! (laughs)

Thought process behind the book?
Yes, it’s a rare topic. I am fascinated by a lot of people I have met in my journey of life so far. Their idiosyncrasies have left a memorable impact.

What kind of research you had to do for the book?
To be honest, the characters were all around me, either physically present or vivid in my memory from childhood and growing up years.

How did you come up with that name for your book?
As my name suggests, I am married in a Punjabi family; we worked with many titles on those lines. Finally my husband suggested this one, we instantly loved it.

Any one character you like in the book? What was the thought process behind that character?
I love all the characters I have created. They are like all the delectable items in a Thali which makes it special.

How do you arrive at the story? When do you know it is ready?
There is no dearth of stories in our surroundings. Inspiration can be drawn from even a Peepul sapling trying to sneak into your compound through a crack in the wall, like a neighbour trying to eavesdrop. For me all stories touch their finishing line – the minute they have happy endings! I am a dreamer. I yearn for cheerful contentment.

What can your readers expect from the book?
A book on Humorous quotes which has a story too! The book should make you smile.
It surely does. Read the review here.

Tell me your best experience after you your book came out!
Bringing this book out was like seeing your baby grow, this itself is the best experience.

Please tell me how do you prepare yourself to write. How do you beat writer’s block?
I observe. The characters in my mind automatically come to life. I am here to make a place for myself, to share with the world what I know best. I admire all the writers, writing is not a piece of cake.

Future plans?
Another book (smiles), another interview (laughs)

Any message, tips for aspiring authors? An author’s secret?
Pretending to be someone you are not, might be a mistake.

Any quote from the book that is your favourite?
The prying glances scan you from head to toe with the word ‘Hello’, syncing the ‘H’ with a look at the head and the ‘O’ with a look at the toe. – A typical scene from a Punjabi Kitty Party

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