Open UP: # 93

“I don’t know about God as we don’t have a God in Buddhism. When you achieve complete peace, you become like Buddha. But when you look at the beautiful creation, nature and the universe, you tend to be in awe and wonder at the might force that created it. We are too small in the universe to even start to understand that force.”
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  1. Susy Matthew says:

    It is interesting to note the second sentence opens with 'But'. On this small word hinges the might of a powerful question posed by the first sentence – God or no God? To acknowledge that there is a higher, more powerful force than we can understand with our finite minds, is the first step to 'enlightenment'. To recognise this force and know that it is a loving, creative, sacrificial being who pondered long over each and every minute detail before creating it, even us humans, is to reach another level of understanding. To finally meet Him on a personal level, to call Him by name and to commune with Him daily is ultimate Nirvana.


  2. Tiger Vamshi says:

    True Nirvana it is 🙂


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