Talk To Tiger: BangaloreBengaluru Owner

Her voice 
mesmerizes the viewer as her deft hands unbox, paint, scribble, shoot and guides you. She is a youtube guru and the mysterious blogger behind the BangaloreBengaluru channel. Here is what transpired when she spoke to Tiger.

When you want to buy a product you usually try and find out more information about that online. This becomes more important when you are trying to buy a costly product/service with limited pocket money. After all when was pocket money sufficient? When she found that most of the products reviewed were imported ones and there was little info about Indian products and places, she decided to document the research and information she has to help people like her who are deciding to pick up new beauty ensemble or go for a costly nail art. This prompted her to start her own blog which would contain her own genuine reviews – in depth and impartial about anything that comes her way and manages to hold her attention.

It took sometime for me to convince her for this interview and even more time to get her sit down at one place and open up sharing the story behind her blog and how she could build a fan following from across the world. As I cannot divulge her name, let her call her R for now. And to make her stay for some more time while I could get my questions answered, I had to ensure there is enough chocolate fudge on her plate. 

So R, why this name – BangaloreBengaluru? 
I was looking for a name for my blog and being a genuine Bengaluru hudigi at heart, I find it really painful when people still call this beautiful city with the old name. I thought it would be really catchy and also show my location without divulging anything. And now I am glad people are accepting the name and I have followers from all over the world.

Since when are you blogging and how was the journey so far?
I have been blogging since 2012 but I am more of a youtuber and I found that videos are more crisp and to the point in sharing the info. I uploaded my first video a couple of years go and with the huge response and lovely comments I received there was no looking back. I have recently uploaded my 100th video recently.

What do you convey in your videos and what is your success secret?
I simply provide solutions to common questions and as my reviews and information provided is to the point, people come back to my videos to check out simple things they can’t find info about. “Very few people know how to maintain a good nail art”, she says, ” and it is simple care that you take that keeps the nail art for long. Most of the times you can achieve the sophisticated nail art using simple ingredients at home”. Some of her most sought after videos are her nail art ones.

Which was your best blogpost?
My review of Karbonn mobile. I uploaded this as we had bought it and wanted to hare the feedback and it went viral. I wasn’t expecting that at all but an really glad it did as I know am encouraged to blog more and share more.

People don’t know who you are. They just know your voice and your hands. Why this mystery? 
I didn’t want to be partial when people see that I am there and change their attitudes or service. I love being anonymous as it helps me stay neutral and be like a regular customer. I had several comments and requests from people who wanted to know who I am but I prefer to let it pass.

So I can’t post your pic and share your name? 
She gently denies with a smile. (Her defenses are up and her chocolate is empty and I gesture for a refill).

Who composes the music in your videos?
My handsome husband composes all the music and lets me spend as much time as I want to record and also gets all my shopping requests fulfilled 🙂

I know you are one of the very few bloggers who actually make money from blogging? About your fist cheque from blogging? What is the secret?
I think money is just an outcome to your hobby. If you keep generating good content that is useful to your viewers, your clout will increase and so does your satisfaction. Though I don’t blog for money, I remember my first cheque. I was pleasantly surprised when it turned up 🙂

What are your ambitions and what do you want to achieve? 
I want to keep blogging and continuously share more information, reviews so it would be helpful to the visitors of my blog. I am slowly warming up to food blogging, travel and photography. Blogging is my passion and I am yet to discover where it would take me.

Any message for new bloggers?
Keep generating and sharing good quality content. Don’t worry about what people say. It is your blog. People come to see what you think and how your genuine review can help them. If your post/video has helped someone take a better decision, then your day is made. Be consistent and success will follow.

Can you share your most favorite posts?

  1. MAYBELLINE Dream Matte Mousse foundation review [has Cancer producing ingredient] 
  2. How to revive dried up gel liner
  3. Outing: Taj Mahal in Agra city (INDIA)-what to do/not to do during visiting,etc 
  4. Tutorial : Nail Art : Crackle effect using hair spray – Episode 100

As we signed off, shook hands and walked out of the coffee place, I saw her disappear into the mist. Did I meet her or was it just my imagination? But I had convinced her to share a photo for the first time online for this interview and here she is for the first time sharing her photo.

Visit her channel on youtube: BangaloreBengaluru page
Follow her on her facebook page

Keep blogging R and here is wishing to more followers and fans.

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