Open UP: # 62

As I approached her for a picture, she declined saying,  “Click all the pretty girls around. Why do you need my picture?”   When I actually sat down with her and spoke to her for sometime and got to know her, she pinched my cheek and said, “So you know how to behave. Your wife…

Open UP: # 48

  “I was slow to learn and stutter so I couldn’t go to school. I am selling these peanuts, my brother and sister are going to school. Can you buy one pack from me?”   #OpenUP Subscribe to us for more stories. Follow us on facebook: Hit like!  

Open UP: # 15

“Can I click your picture?” “Okay. I am just playing. My amma is babysitting in one of the houses here.” “Where do you stay?” “Did you see the blue houses (A temporary slum) there in the next street? There.” “What aren’t you at school?” “Don’t know!” #OpenUP

Open UP: # 13

“How did you break your hand?”  “I was playing on a tree and I fell down.” “What did your parents say?” “Nothing. They said, I shouldn’t climb trees.” “So did you stop?” “No. I taught my brother too :)” #OpenUP

Open UP: # 11

“I am five and she is two. I have to be here to take care of my sister till my mom comes. She cleans and cooks in one of the houses here. I don’t know where. I play with her so she won’t ask about mom.” #OpenUP

Open UP: # 08

“My father was a drunkard and used to come home and hit my mom. I was seven when he hit her for the last time.” “What happened?” “I stood between my mom and him with a big rod in my hand and stared at him in anger. He just walked away.” “Does he drink now?”…