Open UP: # 08

“My father was a drunkard and used to come home and hit my mom. I was seven when he hit her for the last time.” “What happened?” “I stood between my mom and him with a big rod in my hand and stared at him in anger. He just walked away.” “Does he drink now?”…

Open UP # 03

“What is your name?” “Hanuman! (Proceeds to make a face imitating the character he is playing).” “No. What is YOUR name?” “My own name? I am Ramu! (Walks away with a huge smile on his face).” #OpenUP

The Idly Magician

T: How hot is that?! N: Steaming hot! As he proceeded to open it up I said – Careful. It might burn.  N: In the last twelve years I worked here I got burnt only once.  T: Wow. When was that? N: The first day 😉 

Monday Blues: Do nothing

What is the most important thing on your to do list? When was the last time you took a break? Take a break today and do nothing 🙂 Trust me it is worth it.