Talk to Tiger: Suicide is not the solution

When she faced adversity, she didn’t back down or run away, she stepped over it and conquered with a smile and took it upon her to spread the message that Suicide is not a solution. We met Sana and she bowled us over with her story. A winner in her own right with a clear message, an inspirational one at that, here is what happened when Sana talked to tiger.


How are you Sana? Welcome. Can you introduce yourself to our audience?
Thank you. I am Sana Iqbal. I am a biker by passion, corporate trainer by profession and a master’s student of Psychology. Traveling across India on Bullet to raise awareness against Suicide and Depression

Where were you born? Tell me about your childhood.
From Hyderabad. Grew up in joint family with three younger sisters. I did my BA from Hyderabad.

What were your dreams like when you were a kid?
I wanted to be everything… Carpenter, pilot, doctor… Easily inspired for short term.


Tell me about your present idea?
Its a long long story… Have been associated with Genpact since April 2010 and an overall experience of 9+ years; predominantly into TRAINING. In addition, am also a student of Psychology (Pursuing my Masters).

Ever since I got married to the man of my choice, I landed in a living nightmare of endless unreasonable demands of the so called obedient “daughter in law”. Despite trying my best in the worst of health conditions and giving up every bit of my personality, my marriage failed due to dowry harassment, physical abuse, mental torture, character assassination, and the worst – a cheating partner!

I got pregnant even before I knew and was already a mother of a premature baby in the last week of first 6 months of my marriage…Way too early!’

Faced depression for a long time and then finally, bought an accident insurance policy with my son as the nominee. Though I initially had worked on other “better life” plans but the soul in me was dead!

I had to go to Gujarat for some work and I chose to go on my motorcycle so that I die under the wheels of some truck or ram into a divider or fall off a cliff… I was all geared up and the insurance company wouldn’t have thought twice before approving the fund release. My groundwork was in place!

I needed peace, I thought death was the only solution! Because I was guilty, though I did not commit any foly.

The first 200 kms were enough for me to realize that “peace” is not in death. It was “Refill of memories” and an absolute stranger “Waving at me while I rode”, and “an innocent child smiling at me as I heard the sound of the wheels along with the wind and thump of the bullet”. I knew what I needed…

I would be lying if I say that I have no negative memories around. I do, loads of them. But I now know how to make peace with those thoughts.

Within no time, I became morally obliged to spread the same positivist attitude amongst others who are prone!

suicide is not a solution talk to tiger

Why ‘Suicide is not the solution’ name?
Suicide is not the solution. Awareness Campaign – SUICIDE / DEPRESSION – Across India by a Woman on Bullet. Just think of it – Suicide – What if the suffering after death is worse than the present misery? In 2014, there were 109,456 officially confirmed suicides in India, out of which 51,095 were due to depression or social pressure. I want to reduce that number. I am looking for sponsors to help me do that.

What is your mission?
I want to spread Happiness.

To help people understand that depression is a part of life and it needs to be dealt with in the right away. Also to convey the message that life is neither a movie nor a book where emphasis is on happy ending for a simple reason – Life goes on and movies/books don’t.

Youth today get concerned about society due to parental pressure. They get scared to talk to people and have an inbuilt fear of being mocked at or rejected. Apart from this also there are various causes because of which, a lot of people don’t live their actual personality.

My intention is to spread a message to all that, no matter how bad the situation is, it can be dealt with!

suicide is not a solution talk to  tiger

Tell me your best experience after you started riding.

The best experience is almost every moment that I spend on the road, every moment that i spend interacting with people is a different experience in itself.  A bad writer to change feelings in words! So many moments which can be named “Nirvana”.

What are your plans for the future? Say next five years?

To do something big, reduce the number of suicides in India and increase happiness quotient.

Tell me about your family/pets…

No pets. Love my three younger sisters… 2 are married and one is preparing to be a pilot. Dad passed away three years ago. Mom is an advocate, so was dad. Son is just over a year now and am a single mother. Not divorced though.

A quote/book that influenced you
Talk about the solution instead of problems.

How does someone reach you?
Sad to inform that Sana passed away last year in a car accident.


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  1. Lavanya Kasha says:

    Hi Sana, so nice to see you…I’m Lavanya… Hope you remember me… I was your trainee at Nipuna (satyam BPO), I don’t remember the year… U trained us. Feeling so good about ur articles on life.


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